Choti Sardarni 30th October 2019 Written Update: Bittu asks Meher for help

Today’s episode starts with Meher explaining Nani that Param doesn’t like bathing in the bathroom hence she makes him take bath in the garden. Nani questions her so she makes him a bath in a pipe. Meher replies water is clean and calls her aunty. Nani stops her from calling her Nani. They go inside to freshen up. Sarab tells Meher they are param’s nana and mani.

Amrita puts rangoli in the house while Rana takes care of lightings. Kulwant says she misses Meher as she was the one who decorates the house every year and knows where everything is kept. She says this is Meher and Sarab’s first Diwali after the wedding and they have invited us in the evening. She asks where Bittu is as she needs him to buy gifts and other things. Bittu comes and asks for money. Kulwant gives him some money. He tells her it’s not enough and asks for 25 to 30 crores. Kulwant gets confused and asks has he gone mad and where will they get 25-30 crores from. Bittu says the same way Jeeto’s parents will get you 5 crows from.

Everyone looks stunned. Kulwant says she has promised her husband that she will settle all her children she scolds him that he blackmailed her with Manish murder for which he and Rana is equally responsible too and leaves angrily.

Sarab’s sister tells Sarab, those two have come here for a reason and it cant be a sudden plan. Moreover, how will they explain it to Param? We might have to tell him about Simran. Sarab becomes quiet. They leave for breakfast.

At the dining table Param asks Sarab who are these people and why are they smiling at him. Nani hears it and asks him to come and sit on her lap and she will explain. She was about to tell who they are when Rovi comes in and takes their blessing. Nani asks Param what he likes to eat and try to feed him museli. Param says He eats only Meher Mumma’s breakfast. Meher comes with a plate and says his pizza is ready. Nani gets angry and asks Sarab how he is allowing such unhealthy food for breakfast. He smiles and ask Nana to taste it. He tastes it and says its just roti and vegetable. Nani still continue to taunt and scold Meher. Param asks why is she scolding his Meher Mumma. Meher says they are his nana, Nani. Param says but your wonderful Ji wonderful mummyji is my Nani. I don’t even know them. Nani gets teary-eyed.

Nana and Nani go to their room and Nana says why is she angry, Meher seems to be a good girl and takes care of Param well. Nani angrily denies it and tells him to look for a good lawyer for Param’s custody. She sternly tells him that they are going to take care of him and he will come to London with them.

Bittu comes to Meher home and tells her about Kulwant’s demand. He asks for Meher’s help. Meher says its fate. The person who gave me the most hurt is now asking for my help. Anyways she will help for their love. Bittu feels guilty. Meher tell him that she is sending a mail to him. Just take a printout and come to her. No one else should know about this. Bittu asks what is in the mail. She says something good enough to give Kulwant Kaur a heart attack. Seeing Sarab, they quickly stop talking and Bittu takes his leave saying he will come in the evening. He was just passing by so came to see them.

Meher shows Kurta she got for Param and Sarab tells her its nice. He apologies for Nani’s behavior and tells her they were in military and hence strict. Meher says she don’t feel bad and there is a connection as her father too was in military. They hear Param voice and rush to Nani room. Param complains Nani applied oil on his head and feeds him sweets. He don’t like both. Meher diverts him and shows him Nani’s Kurti and says its good Nani got you beautiful Clothes as she forgot to buy for him. Param asks if she really forgot, and Meher lies and says yes. Nani tells Param green was his mother favorite color. Saran gets uncomfortable and looks at Meher.

Precap- Kulwant says Meher is her daughter, Sarab is her son in law and Param is her grandchild. Neerja Nani says Param is her Simran’s blood and only she has rights on him.