Choti Sardarni 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Kulwant challenges Dolly

Choti Sardarni 3rd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dolly and Kulwant starts dancing in the party and they fights while dancing too. Zorawar tells Mannat that happiness will be filled in their family. They hears noise and comes downstairs. Kulwant and Dolly glares each other. Dolly asks Servant to bring the gift which Kulwant brought it. She kicks the gift and criticises Kulwant. Kulwant puts the pot on Dolly’s head. Zorawar asks Dolly to calm down. They tries to remove the pot but fails. Kulwant tauntingly says that she may help Dolly to remove the pot. Dolly asks Zorawar to not let Kulwant touch her.

Dolly says that Kulwant showed her real face and the latter don’t have rights to talk about relationship. She tells Kulwant that Mannat don’t have rights to think about Zorawar. She adds that Zorawar belongs to prestigious family but Mannat is an illegitimate child. She says that Kulwant always does this and that’s how she made Meher marry Sarab. Kulwant yells at her. Bittu warns Dolly to not utter a word against them. Zorawar asks him to not talk like that with Dolly. Mannat tells Zorawar that Dolly should not have talked about Meher. He tells her that they made mistake by thinking to reunite their family.

Kulwant tells Dolly that they are not dying to make a relationship with them. She challenges to do Mannat’s marriage within 3 days. She adds that groom’s family will be more rich than them. She says that she will find real royal family for Mannat. She tells Dolly that she won’t dream of becoming an MLA if she failed in the challenge then. Dolly tells her that she will make sure that Zorawar and Scarlet gets married on that same day. Scarlet smiles hearing her. Dolly takes Zorawar inside.

Kulwant leaves Gill mansion angrily. Others follows her. Kulwant says that Dolly don’t have any rights to talk about Mannat. Bittu asks her to calm down. Kulwant tells him that she has to show the real place to Dolly.

On the other hand, Dolly asks Zorawar that how can he refuse to marry. She threatens to kill herself and takes the poison bottle. Zorawar asks her that what is she doing and throws the poison bottle. She tells him that her self-respect matters for her and Kulwant insulted her for Mannat.

Kulwant tells Mannat that she will complete the challenge for sure. Mannat tells her that she don’t want to marry. Kulwant asks her that if the latter came from Dalhousie for her family. Mannat nods at her. Kulwant tells her that Dolly insulted everyone by saying that the latter is an illegitimate child. She reminds her about the promise she made to Seher. She tells her that the latter has to marry for her family’s sake.

Dolly asks Zorawar to marry Scarlet for her sake. Kiara tells her that Zorawar never wanted to marry. Dolly says that she did so much for them and in return she wants Zorawar to marry Scarlet. She adds that Zorawar likes Scarlet so it’s not possible that he likes someone else. Zorawar tells her that he will marry Scarlet. Mannat agrees to marry for her family’s sake.

Episode ends.

Precap – Zorawar and Mannat feels helpless.

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