Choti Sardarni 4th March 2021 Written Update: Samaira attempts to kiss Sarab

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher decides to hide herself from Sarabjit, New Promo

Choti Sardarni 4th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher regrets for hurting Gulwant and apologize to God for her mistake. Sarab wakes up and asks what happened to her. Kids comes there and asks why Meher is upset now and decides to cheer her mood. Seher asks Meher to make pizza for her. Param and Karan too asks her to make their favorite dish. Meher says she will make all of their favorite dishes. Kids hugs Meher and Sarab adores their bond.

Gulwant recalls Meher’s words. Yuvi tells her to not think about what Meher said now and says they will teach lesson to her soon. Meher enters the kitchen and recalls the moments she shared with Param and Sarab there. She says so many things changed in the kitchen. Harleen who came there says she was also saying that only and says many things changed in Sarab’s life too.Meher says anything can change but her handmade food taste won’t change which is her family’s favorite.

Meher serves dishes to kids. Samaira was about to sit on Meher’s chair and Sarab stops her. Meher says Samaira can sit there because she is her friend also now. Sarab asks Robbie about Seher’s school admission. Robbie says he completed the process and Seher can attend the school from today itself. Meher says she will drop the kids in the school. Seher struggles to use spoon and fork while eating. Harleen asks doesn’t Seher knows to eat with spoon and fork. Seher feels embarrassed and Sarab starts to eat with hands and tells her to eat with hands. Harleen asks how can Seher eat with hands. Seher tells Param that Karan was right about Harleen because she is witch only.Meher tells the kids to eat saying they are getting late for school.

Sarab was sleeping and Samaira comes there and says she will miss him so much once she leaves from there and says she will stay here for 2 to 3 days only. She says he is her dream and he will be her dream only forever. She sits on the bed and was about to kiss him but stops hearing Meher’s voice. Samaira says she brought coffee for Sarab but he is sleeping. She gives the earring which she got near the bed and teases Meher. Meher says Sarab was right about her. Sarab wakes up and says his hand paining so Meher massages his hand. He says his cheeks and mouth too paining now and she understood what he wants.

Karan says Seher will enjoy in school. Seher says everyone will speak in English there so what can she do. Meher tells Seher to not fight with anyone and if she faced any problem then she should inform to Param or Karan. Seher gets excited seeing the car. Karan and Param says it’s Seher’s car only. Meher feels nervous because she is going to drive after 5 years. Harleen was giving the note book to Param and Seher closes the window so Harleen winches in pain. Meher opens the window and apologize to Harleen on behalf of Seher. Seher too apologize to Harleen. Meher drops the kids in school. Gulwant shows them to Yuvi and says they has to take revenge from them only.

Episode ends.

Precap – In school, other kids taunts Seher saying her mother is murderer.

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