Choti Sardarni 5th April 2021 Written Update: Sarab hallucinates Meher

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher learns Rahul is her son Karan, New entry ahead

Choti Sardarni 5th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sandhya says to Sarab that she just came to drop the kids. Sarab interrupts. He says to Sandhya that he is not ready to hear her stories and asks her to leave from there. He throws her out of the house. He says his family treated her very well but he was not aware that she is the reason for Meher’s disappearance. Sandhya tries to speak but he doesn’t let her say anything. He says she knows everything still she stayed silent. He says she saw him suffering still she didn’t tell the truth. He says she destroyed his family’s happiness. He says he trusted her thinking she is Meher’s friend but she broke his trust.

He says because of Sandhya his Meher is not with him now. He says no one can take Meher’s place in his life and he won’t let her enter his house too. He asks her to not try to give Mother love to his kids because he won’t give that rights to her. Sandhya says to Sarab that she knows that everything happened because of her. She says she doesn’t want to take Meher’s place. She says he can curse her and pleads him to not scold his kids. Sarab says to Sandhya that she already snatched everything from them now what she wants from them. He pleads her to leave from there and also from their life.

Kulwant comes there and sees Sandhya. Kulwant asks Sandhya that what happened. Param scolds Karan and Seher for leaving the house without informing anyone. He warns them to not repeat this mistake again. Karan says to Param that Meher talked to them indirectly. Seher says Meher talked to Sandhya. She asks Sarab about Sandhya. Sarab asks Seher to go to her room. Seher says to Sarab that she wants to talk to Sandhya. Sarab scolds Seher and warns them to not take Sandhya’s name from now on. Seher cries. Sarab feels bad and apologize to Seher. Seher says Meher is not with her and Sarab also scolding her. She runs towards her room.

Sandhya self-talks and apologize to Meher seeing the sky. She says if she knows that this will happen then she would not have approached Meher for help. She decides to leave the city thinking she is the reason for Meher’s death. Sarab breaks the mirror. Harleen asks Sarab that what is he doing and asks him to accept Meher’s death. Sarab says to Harleen that Meher will return. Kulwant overhears their conversation and cries. Sarab says Meher will return for his sake.

Sarab hallucinates Meher. He says to Meher that he knows that she will return. He asks her to not go away from him again. Sarab comes to reality hearing Param’s voice. Param gives tea to Sarab. Sarab apologize to Karan. Karan says to Sarab that Seher is not talking to anyone because of him. He asks him to apologize to Seher. Kulwant decides to live for her grandchildren. Sarab realises that Seher’s body becoming cold. He asks Param to call the Doctor.

Episode ends.

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