Choti Sardarni 5th March 2021 Written Update: Yuvi trouble Seher!

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Tarkash is Jagga’s real murderer?

Choti Sardarni 5th March 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Seher along with Karan and Param go to school. Param and Karan takes Seher to her class. Both gives her kiss and see-off. There, Meher ride car and find Sarabjeet’s party poster missing on the road. Sarab call Meher. He asks Meher if she dropped children school or not. Meher says yes. She asks Sarab about missing posters. Sarab says post she left he lost his concentration on work. Meher asks Sarab to resume his work. Ahead, she question Sarab about the noise behind. Sarab says he is decorating room for Seher and will give her surprise. Sarab while talking falls down. Meher asks what happened. Sarab lies to Merher.

Further, Meher receives a call from Siddhi’s mother. Meher motivates Siddhi post she learn about her broken marriage. There, Seher enter her class and students trouble her. Seher sit on teacher chair. Teacher scold students for misbehaving with Seher post she learn from latter that students are not giving her place to sit. Teacher send Seher and ask her to sit. Seher call herself princess. Other side, Sarab decorates Seher’s room. Sarab’s sister asks Sarab to take some rest as he is not well. Sarab says he will not leave any chance to return Seher whatever she missed in 5 years. He gets angry. Afterwrads, house helper ask Sarab about Seher’s favorite color to put curtains. Sarab recalls his moment with Seher and orders to put red color curtain. He further see Samira and his engagement card. Sarab goes to Sam’s room. Samira welcome Sarab.

Sarab tell to Samira that Meher is his life and he can’t live without her. He tell Sam that he wanted to have a talk with her since their engagement day. Sam takes out ring from her hand. Sarab hugs Sam for understanding her. Both share a hug. Sabra’s sister vows to bring Sam back in Sarab’s life. At school, Yuvi trouble Seher. He accuse Meher for his father murderer. Yuvi writes on Seher’s hand that Meher is a killer. Param and Karan struggle to protect Seher. Seher push Yuvi. Yuvi complaint to teacher that Seher hit him. Seher run and locks herself in a lab.

Later, Sarab and Meher rush to the school. Meher asks Sarab what happened. Sarab asks Meher to drive fast. At school, Meher locks her at chemistry lab. Chemical bottle gets break. Staff asks Meher to open the door. Seher ask teacher to punish Yuvi as he hit her. Teacher order to break the door as it is not safe for her to get locked inside the lab. Sarab and Meher come and urge Seher to open the door. Seher out of fear refuses to open the door.

Sarab and Meher gets shocked post Seher show them Yuvi called Meher murderer. Meher and Sarab stands teary. Student out there call Meher murderer too. Teacher asks Sarab and Meher to go home with their kids and school committee will take action over today’s event. Students humiliates Meher by calling her murderer. Sarab gets angry. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Param learn from Sarab’s sister that Meher killed Jagga. Meher stands shocked hearing the conversation.

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