Choti Sardarni 5th November 2019 Written Update: Meher tries to train Param for the ability test

Today’s episode starts with Meher and colonel showing the book and explaining the different type of tests Param has to take to prove that he is smart and there is no doubt about his parenting. Sarab refuses Meher and tells her they don’t have to prove anything to anyone and leaves. Neerja tells sarab’s sister to ask Sarab to meet with his lawyer as they are meeting in court tomorrow.

Meher goes to Sarab and tells him the importance of taking the test. Even if not for custody case they will atleast get to know his ability. Param picks up the book and says he want to play with this. Sarab stays quiet. Meher thinks now that Sarab has agreed she has to solve Bittu’s problem.

Colonel reasons with Neerja but she is firm, and says they lost Simran but wont lose Param. They will take him back to London. Colonel tells everyone in two days Param has to take motors ability test and if he fails, then without any discussion custody goes to Neerja. Neerja and Sarab sign the agreement. Colonel ask them to start training Param. Meher gives a painting book to Sarab and tells Param that he will paint. She leaves them to paint.

Meher calls Kulwant from unknown number and talks to her in male voice. She tells her to pick up the courier from her letter box outside. Kulwant finds the photos of Meher and Manav and gets shocked. Meher threatens her that if she didn’t arrange for 5 crores and eleven lakhs by tomorrow, Sarabjit will see these photos and with it her dream of becoming a minister will be gone. Kulwant asks Jagga to arrange for 5. 5 crores by tomorrow and he immediately agrees. Kulwant asks him how come he dint ask her the reason. He says her words are like god’s words and its enough. She asks him how come the rest of her kids are not like him. Jagga tells her they too love her but they are still childish. They have not seen her fighting the world alone like he did. Kulwant blesses him.

Param refuses to paint and wants to play while Sarabjit try to convince him to practice. Neerja tells Param she will play with her and takes him to her room. Sarab gets worried. Neerja shows Param pictures of London from her laptop and Param gets fascinated. Sarab calls him to paint and Param refuses.
Kulwant looks at the pictures and says even after dying he is taking money from him and she will kill his aatma. Yuvi tells her there is a letter and tries to open. Kulwant quickly takes it from him. Jagga asks if there is a problem, and Kulwant lies and leaves. She reads the letter where the drop location is mentioned. Bittu watches her from behind and thinks Meher was right. Kulwant sees Bittu and asks if he is ok he don’t argue about Jeeto. Bittu says she was right if Jeeto’s parents won’t give the money he wont marry her. Kulwant gets happy.

Next day Sarab collides with a sagar in street. It was Meher in disguise, she argues with him. She asks why he seem upset. He tells her his son is not showing any interest in painting and there is a competition. Meher forgets her guise and says something in her own voice and Sarab looks at her suspiciously.

Precap: Param shows his painting to Neerja and Colonel. Neerja asks where are they in painting. He shows a flight and says they are going back to London. Neerja says Param will also go with them. Param says he will only be where his Meher mumma and papa is. Meher and Sarab hear it and smiles at each other.