Choti Sardarni 6th April 2021 Written Update: Sandhya returns to Gill Mansion as Seher’s Nurse

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Choti Sardarni 6th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kulwant comes to Gill mansion and learns about Seher health condition. She prays to God for Seher. Harleen asks Sarab that what happened to Seher. Sarab says he also don’t have know. Yuvi tells Ginni that Param didn’t came to school so he also won’t go to school. He asks why people keep dying, first his parents and now Meher. Doctor informs Sarab that Seher’s condition seems critical and says if Seher didn’t gain consciousness then she came end up in coma. Sarab suggests to admit Seher in the hospital. Doctor says that’s risky and asks him to appoint a Nurse to take care of Seher.

Seher talks about Meher name in her unconscious state. Karan says Seher want to talk to Meher and says Sandhya talked to Meher in front of them. Kulwant tells Sarab to take care of Seher and she will bring the Nurse. Karan asks Kulwant that why Sarab is angry on Sandhya. Doctor tells Sarab that Seher needs emotional support too with medicine. Sarab asks Mehta to find Nurse as soon as possible and he doesn’t care about the strike. Sandhya waits for bus.

Doctor asks Sarab about Nurse. Sarab hallucinates Meher again. Meher says to Sarab that he should think calmly about solution. Sarab informs her about Seher. Meher kisses Seher and tells Sarab to heat the water and mix salt in that. She tells him to prepare a soup and asks him to give it to Seher when she awakes. Sarab thanks her saying he can’t do anything without her. Param hears him. Kulwant stops Sandhya and pleads her to go with her to Gill mansion. She says she knows that Sandhya is Nurse and Seher needs her now. Sandhya recalls Sarab’s harsh words. Kulwant tells her to not worry about Sarab because she will handle him.

Harleen says to Sarab that because of strike, she could not arrange a Nurse. Karan asks what will happen to Seher if they can’t find any Nurse then. Sarab asks his Kids to trust God because he will show path to them definitely. Everyone starts praying. Meher tells Sarab to not worry about anything.

Sandhya comes there wearing mask. Sarab asks Sandhya about her name. Sandhya stands silent. Kulwant says Nurse’s name is Kavita and she doesn’t know Hindi. Doctor gives Seher’s report to Sandhya and gives instructions about Seher’s medicines.

Sandhya goes to Seher and says nothing will happen to Seher. Kulwant pleads Sandhya to not remove the mask. Doctor praises about Nurse to Sarab and leaves from there. Sarab thanks God. He hears Kulwant’s scream and runs towards Seher’s room. Seher’s condition gets worsen. Sandhya injects Seher. Karan sees Sandhya’s face. Kulwant asks Karan to not inform about Sandhya to Seher.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab asks Kavita to remove the mask and have food.

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