Choti Sardarni 6th March 2021 Written Update: Harleen tells Param that Meher killed Jagga

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher to get ready for Sarabjit once again in Choti Sarrdaarni
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher to get ready for Sarabjit once again in Choti Sarrdaarni

Choti Sardarni 6th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kids recalls how Yuvi revealed that Meher killed Jagga and also how other students supported him saying he is telling the truth. Seher cries looking at her hand. Meher recalls how everyone called her as murderer. Yuvi enters his house and calls Gulwant. Bittu and Ranna notices the wounds on Yuvi’s face and asks did he fought with anyone and asks who is responsible for his wounds. Yuvi tells them to asks what he did with Seher. Gulwant comes there and he tells her that Seher won’t forget this day in her life and says he did everything which she told him to do. She praises him and says today Meher’s kids knows her truth and now her own kids will hate her.

Param tells Harleen that Meher can’t hurt anyone so how can she will Jagga and asks her to say that everyone lying about Meher. She says no one lied to him not even Yuvi and says Meher only killed Jagga. He refuses to believe her. She says did he ever thought why Meher went missing suddenly that’s because she was in jail for killing Jagga. Samaira comes there and says he is kid and tells her to not say all this to him. Harleen says he is kid that’s why he suffered so much and deserves to know the truth of Meher and says they can’t hide Meher’s past from them and hugs Param. She tells him that what all happened between Meher and Jagga and how she end up in jail for killing Jagga.

Karan and Seher was keep crying. Sarab consoles Seher and tells her to not cry and asks her to not take Yuvi’s words seriously. He says Meher is world’s best mother and says he decorated Seher’s room for her. Meher recalls how Seher asked that is she murderer and starts to rub Seher’s hand. Seher winches in pain and says she is hurting her. Meher apologize to her saying Seher faced all this because of her. Param asks why Meher apologizing and says that means she is murderer. She cries hearing him and says she is not murderer and says they accused her wrongly that’s why even court released her. Sarab says Meher never lies and says she is not murderer.

Param says he knows that she is not murderer but she and Sarab lied to him and asks why they lied to him. Karan says Meher even lied to him. Seher says Meher lied to her also about Sarab. Kids locks themselves in room. Harleen says this was bound to happen that’s why she asked her to leave from Sarab’s life. Meher says she also faced so much in these five years. She asks kids to open the door. But they refuses to open the door.

Sarab says kids will understand her and asks her to talk to Gulwant. Meher goes to Gulwant’s house and Gulwant tries to attack her with knife but Meher snatches it from her. She asks why Gulwant trying to punish her for the crime she never did. Gulwant refuses to believe her and tells her to leave the house.

Episode ends.

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