Choti Sardarni 7th April 2021 Written Update: Sandhya saves Seher’s life

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Gills return India after 5 years, Meher fails to recognize Karan in Kashmir

Choti Sardarni 7th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Karan asks Sandhya to talk to Meher again like she did last time in the jungle. Seher moves her finger hearing him and Sandhya notices that. Karan says Seher also wants Sandhya to talk to Meher again. Sandhya close the door and asks Karan that what she has to say to Meher. Karan asks her to tell Meher about Seher’s health condition and also he is missing her so much. Sandhya says to Karan that Meher also missing Karan and Seher will recover soon. Karan asks when Meher will return.

Sandhya says to Karan that Meher will return soon. Karan says Meher doesn’t love him that’s why she is not talking to him. Sandhya says Karan, Seher, Param and Sarab are Meher’s life. Karan says Param told him that Sarab talked to Meher while making soup for Seher. Sandhya cries and says Meher wants Karan to take care of himself and others. Sandhya talks about Meher to Seher. Seher holds Sandhya’s hand in her unconscious state.

Sarab smiles seeing that and thanks God. Sandhya wears the mask hearing Sarab’s voice. Sarab enters the room and says Seher responding so he thinks tomorrow she will regain her consciousness. He asks what Kavita thinks about it. Sandhya nods at him. Sarab asks her remove the mask and have food. Karan says to Sarab that Kavita won’t eat anything today. Sarab looks at Karan. Karan says Kavita kept fasting that’s why.

Yuvi informs about his hunger to Jeeto and asks her to give food to him. Jeeto tells him to take food from kitchen. Yuvi says to Jeeta that he wants to eat pizza. Jeeto refuse to make pizza for him saying she is busy. Yuvi says he will complaint about her to Kulwant and goes to Ginni and asks her to order pizza for him. Ginni tells Yuvi to ask Jeeto to make pizza for him because she can’t order. Kulwant planning to make Meher’s favorite dishes. Param says to Kulwant that he will help her. Kulwant plays with him to cheer him and hugs him. Harleen smiles seeing smile on Param’s face. Yuvi decides to make pizza by himself and recalls how Meher used to make pizza for him.

Tejo comes to Gill mansion with trophy. Harleen congratulates Tejo for winning the trophy. Tejo says to Harleen that she learnt about Meher. Harleen asks her to talk to Sarab and she introduces Tejo to Sarab. Sarab says to Tejo that his life become meaningful when Meher entered his life. He says Meher taught him the importance of love. He hallucinates Meher again and comes to reality when Tejo called him. He says he still feels Meher is with him and says she is his strength also. Tejo informs him about her marriage. Sarab praises Tejo’s skills. And Tejo leaves from there.

Later, Sarab asks Seher to talk to him saying he won’t scold her again and apologize to her. All the lights in the house suddenly went off.Sarab learns that because of transformer blast, it happened and ventilator too stopped working. Sandhya asks Sarab to switch on the generator. Seher’s struggles to breathe and Sandhya saves Seher by using oxygen pump. Doctor tells Sarab that in this condition they can’t shift Seher to hospital and assures him saying Kavita will handle everything .

Episode ends.

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