Choti Sardarni 9th April 2021 Written Update: Sarab gives permission to Sandhya to take care of Seher

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Choti Sardarni 9th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kulwant says to Sarab that she wrote all the rules which Sandhya has to follow. She tells Sandhya that she has to follow these rules to take care of Seher until she recovers completely. Kulwant says Sandhya should not come in front of Sarab. Sandhya nods at her. Kulwant says Sandhya can talk to Seher only and she should not talk to Karan and Param.Kulwant says Sandhya’s hand made stuff should not reach Sarab no matter what. Kulwant says Sandhya should stay in outhouse only. Sandhya nods at her. Kulwant says to Sarab that Sandhya agreed for all of his rules and asks him to give permission to Sandhya to take care of Seher now. Sarab nods at her and says Sandhya should sign on this paper. Kulwant gives the rules paper to Sandhya.

Yuvi says to Ginni that he didn’t eat anything since morning. Ginni scolds Jeeto for not giving food to Yuvi. Bittu asks Ranna to stop his wife. Jeeto says she is not maid to always stay in the kitchen. They starts arguing with each other. Seher says to Param that Sandhya is really good person and she can even talk to Meher. Param says that’s not true. She says she knows that Param also doesn’t like Sandhya like Sarab. Karan informs them that Sandhya is Seher’s Nurse from now on and Sarab also asked her to follow 4 rules.

Kulwant helps Sandhya to settle in the outhouse. She apologize to her on behalf of Sarab. Meher critises Sarab’s behavior towards Sandhya. Sarab says he won’t change his decision. Sandhya says to Kulwant that she can understand why Sarab behaving in this way with her. Kulwant leaves from there. Sandhya gets afraid seeing lizard while opening the window.

Ginni says to Ranna that she is hungry. She complaints about Jeeto to Kulwant. Jeeto says she won’t cook all the time. Kulwant says she will cook and takes Yuvi to kitchen. Yuvi asks Kulwant that why she didn’t teach lesson to Ginni and Jeeto. Kulwant says to him Meher used to tell her to control her anger so she decided to follow her daughter’s advice. Seher thanks Sarab for giving permission to Sandhya to take care of her. Sarab tries to change the topic. She aks him that why he is angry on Sandhya. He asks her about Karan. She says Karan is in the washroom.

Param says to Sarab that Karan went to outhouse to meet Sandhya. Sarab says Sandhya broke the rule already. Seher asks Param that why he told about Karan to Sarab. Param says he can’t lie to Sarab. Sarab goes to outhouse and searches Karan. Yuvi praises Kulwant’s cooking skill. Yuvi says to Ginni, Jeeto, Bittu and Ranna that Kulwant made food for him only. Harleen says to Sarab that she found Karan in the terrace. Sarab asks Karan that did he met Sandhya.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Param asks Karan to stay away from Sandhya for Sarab’s sake.

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