Choti Sardarni 9th January 2021 Written Update: Harleen learns that Meher slapped Param

Choti Sardarni 9th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Param skips his tuition class to play games. Meher got to know that he skipped his tuition class and snatches his tab from him. Harleen supports Param saying if he does not attend his class one day that won’t affect him anyway. Meher says the point is he didn’t listen to her. Param asks Harleen to give a tab to her saying he will finish the game.

Meher gets angry and yells at Param. Param asks will she slap him again and gets afraid. Harleen shocks hearing him and asks when did she slap him. Param says while playing the nest game she slapped him. Harleen tells Param to go from there and gives a tab to him. Harleen shouts at Meher for slapping Param. Sarab tried to defend Meher saying she doesn’t know about the situation. But Harleen is not ready to listen to anything and scolds both. Meher says Param’s unit test coming.

Harleen says even if Param doesn’t study nothing gonna affect his future because he has everything. Sarab asks what is she saying. Harleen says she just gifted tab to Param and he was playing games but everyone has a problem with it. Meher asks Sarab to come with her. She snatches the tab from Param again and says how much he wasted his time. Param apologizes to Meher.

Harleen says Meher also should apologize to Param because he stayed hungry because of Karan also she slapped him and says even she has rights on Param and says she just cares about his happiness. She tells him to play and says she will talk to the Principal so he need not to worry about the Teacher. Param says his parents are sad and says he won’t play because Sarab refused him to play then she hugs him. Meher feels dizzy again and Sarab holds her before she falls down and asks her to take proper rest.

Meher says she is worried about Harleen’s thinking and says family members should love kids but they should teach discipline also and says Param will suffer in the future if this continues then. Sarab says Harleen did upbringing of Param so she is just overprotective of him that’s it. He says Param will forget the tab once he gets bored with it. Amrita calls Meher and thanks for the help. Sarab congratulates her and says he is proud of her. Amrita says Meher always thinks about the future so he should proud of her. Amrita tells Jagga that she bought everything which Gulwant told her to buy and she is ready to join his office from tomorrow.

Jagga teaches Yuvi to ride bike . Sarab calls Meher and tells her to take medicines on time saying he has an important meeting to attend. Meher was about to apply powder on Karan and recalls how Param told her that he will apply powder on Karan always so she goes to call Param. Amrita was getting ready to leave for office, Yuvi says Gulwant called her.

Gulwant gets surprised knowing that Amrita joining office from today. Amrita says she already finished all her works but because of Ginni she had to stay in the house. Param refuses to play cricket saying he is going to play games in tab and Meher hears him and asks Servant to search Karan’s powder. Param runs to get his tab and starts to play.

Episode ends.

Precap – Param ignores everyone to play games.

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