Choti Sardarni 9th June 2021 Written Update: Daarji’s 2 conditions shock Gill family

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher learns Rahul is her son Karan, New entry ahead

Choti Sardarni 9th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab asks Daarji that what happened to him. Daarji gives the food plate to Sarab. Sarab finds hair strand in food. Meher tells Daarji that she will make another dish for him but he stops her. Sarab asks him to forgive them this one time. Dolly and Harleen also apologize to Daarji. Sarab tells him that Meher will make another dish for him. Daarji refuses to change his decision and scolds Meher and tells Amrit pack the stuff.

Amrit and Daarji goes to their room. Harleen tells Sarab that she don’t think that Daarji will stay now. Sarab follows Daarji. Kids tells Meher that it’s good that Daarji leaving the house. Meher asks them to not say like that and it’s her mistake so she will rectify it. Sarab tells Daarji that he won’t let him leave the house and last time he was kid so he could not able to stop him but this time he will stop him no matter what and asks him to punish him instead of leaving the house.

Harleen and Dolly stops Meher from entering the room. Meher falls on Daarji’s feet and tells him that it’s her mistake and she is ready to accept his punishment and asks him to not snatch Sarab and Kids happiness and she won’t repeat her mistake and pleads him to forgive her. Amrit tells her that Daarji won’t change his decision.

Daarji tells them that he has 2 conditions and first one is he won’t eat Meher’s handmade food from now on and second one is if they made another mistake then they should put his luggage in his jeep. They agrees with him. Sarab asks Harleen to make food. Param and Karan gets upset with Daarji’s decision. Karan tells his siblings that they should save Sarab and Meher from Daarji for that they should break Daarji’s stick.

Later, Daarji eats Harleen’s handmade food. Seher tells her siblings that they used to eat without fear when Daarji was not there. Param and Seher signals Karan. Karan takes the stick and passes it to Param. Daarji tells Kids to wake up at 5am tomorrow and asks about his stick. Param gives it to him. Daarji goes to his room.

Others sits to have food and Meher serves them. Sarab tells Amrit that she don’t love him anymore that’s why she didn’t stop Daarji. Amrit asks him about his marriage. He tells her that it was arranged marriage but started loving Meher after marriage. Meher decides to serve her handmade food to Daarji.

Next day, Daarji talks to his stick and does oil massage to it. Karan tells his siblings that like he said it’s magical stick. Everyone reaches temple without Meher. Sarab cries recalling his childhood memory. Daarji also gets emotional. Amrit assumes that Meher still sleeping in the house. Meher and Kids serves prasad to everyone. Daarji and Amrit shocks seeing Meher there. Daarji learns that prasad made by Meher and she does it every week. Others praises Meher. Meher gives prasad to Daarji.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kids breaks Daarji’s stick.

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