Choti Sardarni 9th October Written Update: Sarabjeet gets a shocking news

Today’s episode starts with Param taking care of Meher.He commands her to take rest and checks her temperature in the elbow.He declares that 120 temperature and thanks god she don’t have fever.Meher and Sarabjeet smiles.Param then assign duties to each servant to change the bedsheets,pillow covers and curtains,bring boiled water,more neem leaves,to sanitize the entire house,and need coconut oil with kapoor and declares no non-veg until his mama gets better and that without his permission nobody should enter her room.Sarabjeet recollects those were the exact instructions Meher gave to the servants when Param was ill.He sends away his dad and stays with Meher asking her to keep her head on his lap and prays ‘vai guru’ just like she did.Meher gets teary eyed and pretends to sleep.

Sarabjeet comes in to take Param and he remembers that he forgot to give medicines to his mama.He leaves and instructs Sarabjit to pat Meher mama’s head until he comes back.Sarabjit hesistantly touches her head and Meher gets up fast.Their Nok-jhok starts and Meher complains he spoiled her sleep and bets she will do the same.The next day sarabjeet gets call from his PA that the donation he gave to an NGO got bounced due to insufficient balance.He gets shocked and instructs to check with bank.

Outside Kulwant’s house there is a loud band playing she comes out and sees her sons dancing.When her son said Jagga brought a new family member she misunderstands that Jagga has married another woman and shouts at him and calls Amrita.Jagga then laughingly points out the new car he bought.All of them get happy and dance.Jagga invites bittu for party but he refuses and leaves rushing to meet jeeto.

Kulwant goes to the hospital and checks if Meher has visited the clinic for orthopedic treatment.When the reception replies there is no appointment she asks to check in gynecologist appointment book.Receptionist confirms Meher has made an appointment.Kulwant gets upset at first then remembers Amrita’s advice to Meher to lie to Sarabjeet that it is his child.She gets happy thinking Meher has told Sarabjeet that it is his child.

Jagga and others arrives at Sarabjeet house in their new car.Sarabjeet gets his PA call and he informs Sarabjeet that Meher has withdrawn 25 crores cash from his account. Sarabjeet gets shocked.PA says the checque has his sign and Meher’s name.He remembers giving Meher a blank cheque along with divorce papers.

Dolly asks how much the car costs and Jagga says he got a good deal hence bought 4 trucks too and he spent a total of 1.5 crores.Sarabjeet watches him and Meher with suspicious eyes.She speaks to someone on call that she will leave in sometime.Param asks her to rest while she says she will take him to mela as its dussera.Param insists she take rest.Sarabjeet wonders why Meher insists on going out and where she is going.Param takes Meher away insisting she takes. Sarabjeet gets PA’s call and he informs that the cheque he gave Meher,she got it cleared from the bank.

Precap: Sarabjeet hides and sees Meher taking the jeep and leaving. He wonders why she withdrew such a big amount and who is she going to meet.