Choti Sardarni: Doctor tells a shocking truth to Sarabjeet about Meher’s child

Colors TV Choti Sardarni will see high voltage drama with doctor telling Sarabjeet that Meher’s child heartbeat is decreasing.

So far in the episodes, it is seen Meher to meet Param jumps inside the school when guards stops her from meeting Param. Meher gets hurt and cries in pain. Further, inspector takes Meher with them thinking she is not Param’s mother but a kidnapper. Sarabjeet comes for Meher’s rescue and later, Sarabjeet scolds Meher for jumping from the height.

Sarab takes Meher for the sonography and she gets happy hearing her child’s heartbeat.

Meher gets excited to welcome her child and suddenly feels the pain. Doctor checks Meher and asks Sarab do Meher got hurt. Sarabjeet tells to doctor that while saving Param she jumped to meet him. Doctor thinks its Meher and Sarab’s second child. Meher cries in pain and ask doctor to save her child. Sarabjeet consoles Meher and says nothing will happen to her child.

Now in the upcoming episode will see doctor will tell to Sabrabjeet that Meher’s child heartbeat is decreasing.

After Meher is admitted to the hospital, Param will pray for her well-being. On the other hand, the doctor informs Sarabjeet that the child’s heartbeat is rapidly decreasing. Here, Param will continuously pray for Meher.

What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

Do Meher’s child will be saved? Do doctor will be able to save Meher’s child? For all the answers keep watching the show, mon-fri on Colors TV.

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