Choti Sardarni: Meher keen to find out the culprit?

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Colors TV popular show Choti Sardarni is gearing up for some high voltage drama. The show now focuses on Sarab, Meher and their children.

Earlier it’s seen that Jagga’s death news helped Meher to regain her memories permanently. Now it will be seen that Meher will be keen to find out Sarab’s culprit while Harleen and Dolly will create differences between the brothers.
Previously we have seen that, Everyone in the family including the kids prayed for Meher to gain her consciousness. After a lot of prayers and struggle, Meher woke up from her vegetative state.

Everyone got extremely happy when they realized that Meher got all her memories back permanently. Meher recalled all the trouble she had caused for the family and apologized everyone.

Sarab was extremely happy to get Meher back and had put forth a request to marry Meher again shocking Meher.
In the future episodes we will witness, Meher will be keen to find out the culprit who did Sarab’s accident. Sarab will ask her to let it go but Meher will stand firm in her decision.

Meher and Sarab will spend some quality time together. Harleen and Dolly will plot to create differences between Karan and Param while Seher will do the opposite. Harleen and Dolly want to show Karan his place in the house.

On the other hand, Kulwant who is the real culprit of the accident will try to divert Meher’s mind from the accident.
Will Meher learn that her mother is the culprit? Will Sarab and Meher find out about Harleen and Dolly’s plan to separate Param and Karan?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Choti Sardarni, stay tuned to this space.