Choti Sardarni: Meher to choose between Param and her unborn child?

Next in Colors TV Choti Sardarni viewers will see high voltage drama.

In the episodes it is seen, Meher and Sarab rescues Yuvi. Further, Meher and Sarab challenge each other for carrom match. Param hurts khushi and Meher scolds him for his behavior. Later, back to game Sarab says girls’s are cheating. Meher ask him to give one more chance.

Now in the upcoming episodes, will see Meher will get a shocking task to complete.
While playing the game, Meher will pick up the chit in which she will be instructed to kiss her husband, Sarab. Seeing the chit the couple will refuse to perform the task. Dolly will doubt Meher and Sarab.
What next will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

Further, in the show, Meher will be in fix. Makers of the show has released a shocking new promo and in the promo, it is seen, Meher struggles to decide what she should. Meher prays to God and think the more she wants to go far from the present relation the more she is coming closer to them. She further thinks what she should do now.
Well, now what new twist will come in the show will be watching worthy.

Will Meher be able to decide between Param and her unborn child? Will Sarab support Meher? Will Sarabjeet’s family come to know about Meher’s truth? What Dolly will do next to execute her plan? For all the answers keep watching the show Mon-Fri on Colors TV.

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