Choti Sardarni: Meher’s master plan against Kulwant for Bittu

Colors TV show Choti Sardarni is gearing up for high voltage drama. In the show ahead will see Neerja gathering evidence to strengthen her claim.

So far in the episodes it is seen, Sarabjeet introduces Neerja and Avtar to Meher. Neerja dislikes Meher and don’t except her as Param’s mother. She brings Diwali outfit for Param but Param refuses to wear it. Meher interrupts and ask Param to wear the outfit which her grandmother has brought but Neerja interrupts and says to Meher that she don’t need her favor.

Ahead, during the Diwali celebration, Neerja and Kulwant gets engage into a verbal fight. Later, Neerja questions Sarabjeet and ask him why in the house there is no single picture of her daughter Simran. She highlights he has promised her that he will never remove Simran’s picture from his house but she can only see Meher’s and Param picture in the whole house. Param ask Meher and Sarabjeet about Simran.

Meher explains to Param that Simran is her star mother and will always be with her no matter what. She says if ever she gets lost he can close his eyes and talk with her star mother. Param says he will not let her go anywhere.

There, Bittu plans against Kulwant with the help of Meher so that he can force her to let him marry Jitto. Meher sends an e-mail to Bittu and ask him with the help of it he can blackmail Kulwant.

Ahead will see, Neerja will discuss with Avtar about the Param’s custody and will ask him to gather evidence to strengthen her claim. Elsewhere, Bittu and Sarabjeet will bump into each other and their envelopes will get exchanged.

What more twists and turns will come in the show, to know more keep watching the show, mon-fri on colors tv.

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