Choti Sardarni: Seher performs bidaai after marrying Rajveer.

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Colors TV popular show Choti Sardarni is gearing up for some high voltage drama . The show now focuses on Sarab and Meher’s children Seher, Param and Karan who are grown up after the leap. Earlier it’s seen that Kunal misunderstood Rajveer while Seher and Rajveer got married. Now it will be seen that Seher will leave for her bidaai 

Previously we have seen that, Didiji brainwashed Seher to convince her for marriage. Rajveer asked Seher if she’s sure about her decision. Seher said that she wants to do the marriage for everyone’s happiness. On the other hand, Kunal saw Nikhil and Didiji talking and misunderstood that it was Rajveer who planned his kidnapping. Later, Seher and Rajveer got married while Didiji seem to have some hidden motive behind all her plotting. She also ordered Nikhil to kill Kunal after Seher’s marriage. Kunal escaped from them and texted Seher about Rajveer but her marriage would’ve been completed by then. 

In the future episodes we will witness,  Didiji will break Seher’s mobile before Kunal’s message gets passed to her. Seher will perform bidaai and will get tearful. Didiji will believe that both Rajveer and Seher will bring back her dead child to her. Seher will be uncomfortable during her grahpravesh and Rajveer will take care of her. He will take Seher’s side and will stand by her. Masiji will notice Seher’s sad face and will ask if Seher’s marriage is forced. On the other hand, Nikhil will think that Kunal is dead and will ask the goons to throw away his body. 

What is Harshdeep’s hidden motive behind the marriage? Will Seher accept Rajveer? Is Kunal really dead? 

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Choti Sardarni, stay tuned to this space.