Choti Sardarni Written Update 11th November 2019: Sarab has planned to take Meher to Serbia

Episode begins with the host announcing that in the final tug of war round, the kids family can also participate. Meher and Sarab get happy. Sarab’s family struggles to pull against the other kid’s strong family. Meher is surprised to see Kulwant and family too helping Param. Seeing them still, struggle colonel joins in. They still struggle. Neerja looks at them and recollect all the moments of Sarab and Param’s love and Meher’s bonding. She decides she can’t let him lose and much to the shock of Sarab joins them and give instructions. Eventually, they win and Param is gifted with golden trophy and medal. Sarab gestures Neerja to come on stage and she makes Param wear the medal. Meher gets relieved that Param will now stay with Sarab.

Yuvi pulls a table with some things around the house with a rope. Amrita beats him while Kulwant as always praises him. Neerja and colonel leave for London and Param gives the painting he made to Neerja. Neerja gives Param’s London ticket and tells him he can visit them any time he wants. Once they leave Ali and Preeti playfully ask Param to give the ticket. Param runs away. Sarab request Ali and Preeti to take care of Param for few days as he and Meher is going for honeymoon to Serbia. Meher is shocked as she recollects Sarab telling her at the beginning of the marriage that he will take her to Serbia in the pretense of honeymoon where he has made all arrangements. she can comfortably live there with her baby. Ali says not to worry and she will take care of him. Sarab tells them their flight is for next day 4. 40am. Meher feels sad.
Jeeto calls Bittu and ask for time and date for their engagement. Bittu keeps her on the line and ask Kulwant if he can call Jeeto’s parents tomorrow to discuss date. Kulwants says yes and also call Meher. Bittu leaves happily. Jagga asks her why she lied to Bittu as she knows Meher will not even step inside this house. Kulwant says that they two are close now and Meher has forgiven Bittu. Jagga asks how come she knows this. Kulwant tells him she knows what all her children does and are capable of doing.

Meher recollect all the memories with Param sadly. Param comes thereafter ask her to make him wear his tie. Meher tells him he is not going to school today but going to spend whole day with her.

Amrita tells Kulwant that Meher is leaving for Serbia tomorrow. Yuvi cries and Kulwant says she too will miss Meher and tell Yuvi about Meher’s childhood memories. Kulwant tells proudly that her Meher was a lioness. Amrita says there is only thing she is scared of and that is aeroplanes. Yuvi says then how will she go to Serbia. Kulwant wonders same.

Sarab comes and ask Param to get ready. Param tells him he is not going. Sarab says then his Meher Mumma will not speak to him. Param laughs and says it was his mumma who told not to go and runs. Sarab asks Meher why did she do it. She says why did he plan so suddenly cant he give some time for her to spend with Param. He tells her he is doing this for him. By keeping him busy he will get tired and sleep. Meher says it will not be easy for Param and Sarab ask if she has a different solution. Meher says why cant we take him along. Sarab snubs the idea. Ali comes and tells Meher her family is on their way to see them off. She tell s Meher she will do her packing else if Param sees it he will cry. Meher looks worried.

Precap – Meher asks Param to sleep and he says he cant sleep without her. Sarab comes and calls Meher to leave for airport. Meher leaves a sleeping Param. Kulwant and Sarab family waves goodbye as Sarab and Meher leave in the car for airport.