Choti Sardarni Written Update 12th November 2019: Sarab gets a new passport for Meher in new name

Today’s episode starts with Meher giving instructions to servants. She gives a list of Param’s favorite dishes. She also worriedly instructs Ali and Preeti. Ali tells her she is saying as if she is not coming back. They assure her not to worry they will take care. Kulwant gets excited to send off Meher. She asks Amrita if she wants something from Serbia, Amrita says she just wants Meher happy. Kulwant proudly says she is happy because her mother gave her happiness. She tells Amrita to get the new shawl from her room to gift Meher. Amrita asks her aren’t they late to go to Meher house. She tells her Param is not aware of them going to Serbia hence we are going after he sleeps. Bittu asks her if Meher is going to Serbia when will they fix his wedding date. Kulwant tells him they can do it once she is back.

Sarab is drinking tea alone when Rovi comes and apologies to him for hurting Meher and him. He feels guilty and tells him he will shift soon with his wife. He gives an envelope to Sarab that came in his name and leaves. Sarab opens the confidential envelope and takes a new passport he made for Meher and says this will be her new identity from now on. Passport says Seerat Kaur Dillon. He says he has made big plans for her in Serbia. Meher makes Param sleep and cries thinking about all the moments she spent with him.

Bittu and Rana drinks alcohol in car. Rana teases women passing by and Bittu scolds him and ask him to apologize to them. He asks sorry then winks at them. Bittu hits him and one of the women calls police. Police comes there and asks for license. Rana who is heavily drunk misbehaves with police and they arrest both.
Inspector calls Kulwant’s house and Yuvi picks up he talks disrespectfully and gets panicked when inspector told him he is calling from police station and Bittu, Rana is in Jail. Yuvi screams for Kulwant and tell her Bittu and Rana is in jail. Kulwant jokes with him but gets nervous when inspector told her that he has arrested her sons for drunk and drive and for teasing women. He tells her they are heavily drunk and asking them to bring biryani. They also blabber Sarabjit Gill is their Jeejaji. She hurries to police station.

At the police station she tell the inspector to keep them at jail as they are totally useless. She does Nautanki and they deserve to be there. Later she gives her visiting card innocently to Inspector. Inspector realizes she is sarpanch and Sarabjit is her son- in-law. He immediately asks her to sit and releases them. He tells her to recommend him to Sarab. Kulwant thanks him and leaves. At home she scolds both of them and ask them to take bath as they are leaving to Sarab’s house.

Kulwant calls Sarab and tells him that her Meher is very brave and a lioness but she is scared of aeroplanes and takes off. She will start screaming and panicks. Sarab smiles. She tells him to take care of her while flying as she is very worried. Sarab says he will take care. He mischieviously tells himself lets fly together Meherji.
Kulwant and family arrive at Sarab house and Sarab goes to Meher room to call her. He sees Meher crying with Param sleeping on her lap. She tells him sheriff come after changing clothes. She tearfully leaves Param.

Precap- The entire family waves them bye. Inside the car, Sarab gives Meher a new passport and says her new name is Seerat Kaur and he has taken driving license and other documents in her new name.