Choti Sardarni Written Update 13th November 2019: Sarab and Meher leaves for Serbia

Today’s episode starts with Sarab telling Meher her family is waiting downstairs and they should also leave. Meher tearfully leaves Param to get ready. Sarab looks at Param and thinks once he wakes up he is going to cry badly but it is better than crying his entire life. Alin tells Yuvi that Param and Pooja are going for South Africa for summer vacation and asks where he is going. Yuvi says he is going to jail as his dadi says what is jawani without going to jail. Jagga and Amrita gets embarrassed and Alin is speechless. Yuvi asks where is Param and if he is hiding. Alin tells him he is sleeping and shares her worry that he is going to bring the roof down once he finds Sarab and Meher gone. Kulwant cracks embarrassing jokes. Preeti excuses herself to make tea for all and Robby asks to bring pakoras.

Kulwant taunts how come he is so good in hospitality. She gives a gift box to Robby and says she forgot to give return gift when he came to their house. Robby gets nervous as Alin asks when did he go. Kulwant lies for him saying he came to congratulate for Bittu’s alliance. Robby plays along. Alin asks him to open the box. He finds a spy camera and Alin asks her surprisingly what will he do with the camera. Kulwant says he looks like a detective wearing hat and goggles so she thought it will be useful to him. Yuvi says he is getting bored. Robby excuses himself to play with Yuvi. Yuvi asks Robby to give him money else he will tell everyone he looted money from his Meher Bua bureau. Robby panics and gives him money. He thinks both Dadi and potha will bring him trouble and its good if he leaves.

Meher and Sarab comes. Kulwant takes her aside and tells her love looks good only in films. Had she married Manav she wouldn’t have gone anywhere but Sarab is taking her to Serbia. She gives her laddoo and tells her she kept shawl in her car which will keep her warm. Meher keeps quiet. Amrita teases Meher that is going for honeymoon and its not her vidaai. They both leave in the car. Meher thinks of Param. Sarab tells her not to worry and gives her the new documents and passport. He tells her from now on she has a new life and identity in Serbia. Her name will be Seerat Kaur.

Dolly comes and everyone is surprised to see her. Kulwant taunts she is always late, Sarab and Meher just left. Dolly is shocked to know they both have left for honeymoon leaving Para. She thinks something is amiss. Kulwant and Dolly get into a sarcastic argument as always. Finally Kulwant and family leaves.

Dolly shouts at Preeti for planning to drink with her. Preeti says extra glass is for Robby. As soon as he smells chicken and scotch he will come. Dolly asks her how come Sarab and Meher left so suddenly for honeymoon. Preeti says she don’t know but is happy for them. Robby comes as predicted and Dolly teases him by comparing him with dog and bone story. She sends preeti to bring them some chicken and asks Robby how come everything is alright between Sarab and Meher. He says things are always right between them. We made mistake in judging her and she is the perfect wife for Sarab. He leaves saying goodnight.

Dolly thinks something is definitely fishy. She thinks Serbia and immediately says Jolly and Pam. She calls Jolly to find his phone switched off. She leaves a voice message asking him to call back urgently.

Amrita wakes up hearing crying noises from Yuvi. She wakes up Jagga and they both get worried to see him crying. Amrita asks if he is having any stomach ache. She leaves to bring Kulwant. Kulwant asks what happened and Yuvi says Meher bua will never come back. They all get shocked. Episode ends.

Precap – Someone snatches Meher’s bag and runs away. Sarab runs behind thief. Someone holds a knife in Meher’s neck and Sarab is shocked.