Choti Sardarni Written Update 15th November 2019: Param manages to fly with Sarab and Meher

Today’s episode begins with Meher saying to Sarab that they should take Param with them.Sarab calls Tarkhaji and tell him he knows Param is here and asks him to book his tickets fast,as Visa is on arrival it wont be a problem.Meher rushes to announcement room.Tarkha reaches announcement room from where Param was screaming in the mic Meher mumma and takes him from there.Param and Meher run towards each other but there is a mirror in between them and they struggle.

Alin and Robby tell Preethi they found d Param and he is with Tarkhaji in airport.Preeti is relieved.Tarkhaji calls Sarab and tell him no tickets are available.Sarab look at Meher and Param thinking they both will be hurt and prays for a miracle.Luckily a woman gives her husband’s ticket as he was stopped in security and gives it to Param.The lady in counter ask Tarkhaji to get the documents fast as they are about to close the security gates.They finally manage to get his ticket but Param was not allowed to go inside as the plane is already reaching runway.

Inside the plane Meher is praying tearfully while Sarab request the airhostess to wait for 5 more minutes for their son.The airhostess refuse to do so as they cant delay an international flight.The plane is circling the runway and Meher pretends to be sick.She winks at Sarab and he plays along asking them to stop the flight.The airhostess request the captain to stop the flight as they have a sick patient.The flight stops.The security tells Param he can go as God want to unite him with his parents.
Meher hold her chest and says she might have a heart attack.Sarab whispers to stop her overacting.She taunts him that atleast she did something but he was only saying please please.They hear Param’s voice and Param comes to Meher and hugs her.The airhostess tells Sarab that his wife is a good actor but he should tell her not to do it again.He apologize and thanks her.

Param says he wont talk to them as they left him at home.Meher apologize saying she had some important work.Sarab and Meher apologize and pacify him by tickling.Param smiles.During the take off Meher panics holding Param’s hand.Sarab who was seated behind them watch her with amusement.Meher ask Param what if the plane crashes.Param tell her he is there not to worry.She praise to God and Sarab teases her.

Once the plane is on air she gets relieved and feeds food to Param.Param says he wants to pee.Meher is scared to walk in the plane.Since Sarab sleep like a Kumbkaran she wonders what to do.Sarab gets up and goes to the washroom and Meher din’t notice it.She took a paper bag and after blowing it,turned around and clapped her hands around it to make a sound.But unfortunately the bag had some food inside and it spilled on a foreigner.Meher apologies profusely and explain to Sarab.But the foreigner ask if she is retarded and people like her should be blocked in India itself.Param laughs.Meher says enough,and replies in england saying she did to wake her husband who was a deep sleeper otherwise her 5 year old son would have peed in his pants.She ask him to send his spoiled shirt to laundry and send the bill to her.The man goes quiet.Sarab thinks she always finds a way to shut people up.

Precap- At the serial airport,Param ask Meher and Sarab to dance.They both dance and Meher slips.Sarab catches her on time in an embrace.Param clicks their picture.