Choti Sardarni Written Update 18th November 2019: Sarab and Meher are received by Jolly and Pam in Serbia

 Today’s episode begins with the flight attendant’s announcement that flight is ready to land. Param tries his hand with Meher’s dupatta and says so that she doesn’t leave him at the airport. Meher apologizes and Sarab thinks how he is going to separate them and prays. He is in turmoil while watching the love between both. Yuvi flys a toy airplane and troubles Kulwant and Amrita scold him. Amrita tells Kulwant stopped him from school now all he does is mischief. Kulwant says her kids will do as she says and no questions asked.  She tells Amrita Yuvi will only studying the same school as Param. Jagga says how is it possible to get admission. Kulwant tells him she is PR manager of Punjab Bank she will do something. Bittu comes with a photo of his new gym location and shows Jagga and Rana. Kulwant thinks angrily this time she will teach a lesson to Bittu and Jeeto in such a way that not even Meher could save him.

Sarab asks Meher why has she tied kerchief in her luggage. She says so that she can identify hers in a jiffy. Sarab starts teasing her and their nok-jokh begins. Meher then tells Param to remove dupatta from his hand so she can change clothes. Once inside Meher is shocked to see her suitcase is switched with some man. In the lobby, Sarab sees someone with a kerchief tied on their suitcase and thinks there is one more like Meher. Meher comes out and asks for the Sarab suitcase. Sarab looks at her suspiciously and opens her luggage. He laughs and teases her. He then remembers her documents were inside the bag and gets tensed. Meher shows the documents from her bag and says she is not a fool. She then changes into Sarab shirt, coat and ties belt in the middle while wearing her salwar pants. Sarab says impressively.

Dolly is shocked that Param left with Sarab and Meher on their honeymoon. Alin and Khushi tell her how he hid in the car and went to the airport. They leave for the mall. Dolly thinks Jolly does something. Sarab welcomes Meher to Serbia. Meher says no one knows her here. Sarab says no one knows him here either. Just then they see Jolly addressing Sarab. Sarab is surprised to see his Jolly mama. He says dolly informed him that they are coming so he came to receive them. Pam also comes there and says he rejected her for this Meher just what did he see in her. Jolly insist they stay with him and ask him to cancel a hotel reservation.

Bittu shows the land to Jeeto were he plans to build his gym. He tells her gym name will be BJ gym as in Bittu and Jeeto. Jeeto says no it will be Kulwant Kaur gym. Bittu hugs her and they take a selfie to send to Meher. Sarab asks Jolly to stop in a mall so they can buy some clothes for Meher as hers got exchanged in the airport. They come out of the mall with Meher in new western wear while Pam taunts her. When they were about to get in the car, someone steal Meher’s wallet and runs away. They are shocked and Sarab thinks all her new documents are inside. Episode ends.