Choti Sardarni Written Update 19th November 2019: Bittu  gets a shocking video

Today’s episode begins with someone running away with Meher’sbag and Sarab and Meher running after him. At one point Sarab couldn’t catch the thief but he is surprised to see Meher caught him and beats him. Param too comes with Jolly and beats him.

Sarab says he finally saw Attari ki sherni impressed. He then opens the bag and checks her documents and by mistake, her driving license falls down. Pam picks it up and says the name here is Seerat Kaur but isn’t her name Meher. Sarab tells him she changed it after the wedding. Pam shrugs and gives it back.

Bittu is shocked to see a video of Jeeto hugging someone from behind. Kulwant, Amrita, and Rana too get the same video on their phones and are shocked. Kulwant gets angry and scolds Jeeto and her family cursing them for raising such a daughter. She says it’s good they came to know about her cheap character before marriage. Even if they give 100 crores she won’t let him marry her.

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Bittu leaves angrily. Kulwant looks at her phone and says someone has sent it to the panchayat group as well. She says her image has gone down the drain. Later Amrita keeps calling Bittu and worriedly tells Jagga that she is scared for him as he was very angry. She asks Jagga to go with her to Jeeto’s house. But Kulwant stops her.

Jolly says he is hungry and decides to eat at a restaurant. Pam flirts with Sarab. At the restaurant, Pam tries to put Meher down but she gives it back in her own teasing style. Sarab tells Pam to order something with Samosa or butter chicken. Jolly laughs and says just like Dolly. Param looks at the people dancing and asks Sarab and Meher to dance. Pam thinks to teach the Mehera lesson and pulls Sarab for a dance.

Meher feels uncomfortable as Pam dances closely with Sarab. Param is upset that Meher is not dancing with his father. Jolly asks her to dance. Meher tells him she knows only Punjabi dance and immediately Punjabi gaana is played. Meher sees Param near the jukebox. She dances happily and soon Sarab, Param joins her. The people around them cheer Meher and appreciate her for her dance moves. Pam is annoyed and deliberately trips Meher’s leg.

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However Sarab catches her from falling. They share an eye lock while Param clicks their picture. They straighten feeling embarrassed. Meher thinks about the dancing moments she shared with Sarab.

Jolly taunts Pam not to interfere in couple life. Pam gives a spicy chutney unknowingly to Sarab. Sarab spreads it on his bread and taste it. Soon he starts getting hiccups as its very spicy. Jolly asks him to drink water. Meher tells him it won’t work. She touches Sarab’s hand and he looks at her shocked. Episode ends.

Precap- Sarab, Param, and Meher go sightseeing. Pam asks why did he choose Meher instead of her. What does Meher have that she dint? Sarab replies she has no right to judge her.