Choti Sardarni Written Update 20th November 2019: Jeeto tries to commit suicide by jumping into the well

Today’s episode begins with Sarab getting hiccups after eating spicy food. Meher touches his hand and she looks at her in shock and she tells him he dances the bhangra better than western. They all laugh as his hiccups stopped and Meher says it’s a shock treatment her mom used to do it when she was a kid. She gets sad and Sarab notices it.

Bittu comes to Jeeto’s house and Jeeto rushes to his arms crying. Bittu asks him how come she is still here and not making videos. Jeeto gets shocked while Bittu shouts at her angrily that he went against his mother and even fooled her by getting dowry money. He further yells at her saying his mother was right that she is a loose character. Jeeto cryingly tells him it was her in the video but she thought that was him as that man had the same height, body and even the same t-shirt. She says she got a message from him asking her to meet and that’s why she went. She swears on her parents. Bittu shows her his phone and asks her where was his message. Jeeto couldn’t find it. Bittu asks her to show her phone. She tells him her mom has it since morning. She begs her mom to give it but she yells at her saying she burnt it. Jeeto runs away crying. She jumps into a well thinking the words spoken by Bittu and her father. Bittu runs behind her and jumps as well to save her.

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Sarab and others reach the house and Jolly carry Param inside from the car. Pam asks Sarab to help in parking the car. Meher goes inside. Pam flirts with him and asks him what does Meher has that she doesn’t. Sarab tells her she neither has the right or permission to judge Meher. Pam shrugs it off and continues to flirt with him shamelessly. Sarab tries to ignore her advances. Before he could expect she kiss him on the cheek and gives her his number before leaving. Sarab comes into the room and kisses a sleeping Param Goodnight. Meher taunts him saying that he received a special goodnight. Sarab is confused. Meher pulls him to the mirror and shows him the lipstick mark on his cheek. Sarab gets uncomfortable.

Jolly comes in and takes sleeping Param with him in spite of Meher and Sarab protests saying they are here for honeymoon. Meher and Sarab look at each other uncomfortably. Sarab unlocks the door while Meher goes and locks it. She tells him to sleep on the bed and she will sleep on the floor. Sarab says he will sleep on the floor. They argue and both lie down on the floor on each side of the bed.

Bittu yells for Jeeto’s parents as he carried Jeeto. They cry looking at her and he tells them she jumped in well. Jeeto gains consciousness and asks why he saved her. She tells him if my mom has not burnt my phone I would have shown you the message. Her mom said she lied and gives her the phone. Jeeto shows his message. Bittu is shocked saying he didn’t send this. Jeeto tells him what does it matter, it shows he doesn’t trust her. She pleads him to go away. Bittu leaves feeling torn.

Meher tells Sarab to sleep on the bed as its empty. He refuses and asks her to sleep there instead. Meher sees him feeling uncomfortable sleeping on the floor. She slowly walks towards his side and places pillows on his sides and covers him with a blanket. He turns and sleeps comfortably. She lies down on her side and smiles at him sleeping peacefully. Episode Ends.

Precap- Meher, Sarab, and others go on sightseeing. Suddenly Meher is alone in the ship and someone holds her at gunpoint.