Choti Sardarni Written Update 22nd November 2019: Sarab’s surprise gift for Meher

Today’s episode begins with Meher telling Param that its time for her to give him his magic return gift. She opens a little bottle and applies it on his thumb and ask him for a promise. When he keeps it on his mouth he makes faces as it was sour. Sarab thanks her and says its time for him to give her gift and thinks how she will like it.

Kulwant says why would she ruin a girl’s life and says it’s a lie. Bittu calls the guys whom Kulwant has arranged to frame Jeeto. Kulwant keeps quiet when Jagga asks her if it’s true. He sits down in shock. Bittu takes Jeeto inside and warns Kulwant that if she does anything wrong to Jeeto he will go to the police and she will be jailed with those goons. Yuvi is scared. Amrita thinks she has to do something to protect Yuvi.

Bittu sees the cake for Meher and calls her. He informs about his wedding and tells her once she returns he will tell everything in detail. Pam uses the opportunity to flirt with Sarab. But Jolly takes her away by deliberately pouring coffee on her jacket and pretends it as an accident. She scolds him and leaves to the washroom. Param asks what gift did Bittu give her. She tells him he brought a bhabi for her and a mami for him. Sarab congratulates her. Dolly calls Jolly and asks if he to separate Meher from Sarab and Push Pam towards him. He tells her that he likes her and she loves Param. What more does she want? Dolly scolds him but he laughs it off.

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At night Meher tells him to sleep on the bed and they argue. Jolly comes to take Param. After he leaves Meher tells him that they have known each other well enough and trust each other. She declares that they both can sleep on the bed for the night. They keep pillows in the middle and lie down. Meher thank him for celebrating her birthday and says she loved the surprise. Sarab smiles at her. Meher hugs her soft toy and falls asleep. Sarab gazes at sleeping Meher.

Amrita carries her trolley bag and drags a crying Yuvi. She tells Kulwant she is going to her maternity home forever. Kulwant is shocked. Yuvi cryingly hugs Bittu and says his mom has gone mad. Kulwant yells at her to go inside. Amrita refuses and Kulwantask for reason. Amrita tells her she is the reason. She won’t say anything about her she did with Meher in front of Jeeto. But she will never forgive her for what she did with Jeeto. Kulwant says she did for her son’s sake. Whatever she does is for the betterment of her kids. Amrita tells her that then her decision is also for her son’s betterment. She tells her how she stopped Yuvi from school and she has spoiled him in such a way that he is calling his own mother mad. Kulwant says she can get lost if she wants but Yuvi will stay here. Amrita tells her no one has a right on the son than mother and drags a crying Yuvi outside. Rana runs behind her and asks her to speak to Jagga once. But Amrita leaves.

Sarab brings Meher and Param to a big house. He tells Param it’s for a good friend and looks at Meher. Param asks if she was his school or collegemate. Sarab says neither but he learned so much from her in a very short time that no school or college can teach. Once inside, Sarab gives her the keys and says he hope her like his gift. Meher thank him and tells him it’s the best gift. Sarab tells her that he has fulfilled his promise of giving her a new identity and a new place to start her life. Meher smiles sadly and thanks to him. Param asks them to see the view from the window. The three of them look at the scenery. Episode ends.

Precap- Param searches for Meher screaming her name all over the house. He tells Sarab along with father he also needs his mother. Sarab thinks if Meher suddenly left Param forever.