Choti Sardarni Written Update 25th November 2019: Jolly’s advice to Sarab

Today’s episode begins with Meher regretting not beingable to watch Param grow up but she says she is sure he will become like him. Intelligent and handsome. They get teary-eyed talking about him. Sarab says no more senti they should go. They take Param to a theatre and Meher explains that it’s a national theatre of this country and its 150 years old. They see a couple playacting and Param asks Sarab and Meher what they are doing. Meher explains that they are rehearsing for a play Romeo and Juliet. She proudly says she played the role of Juliet when she was in college. Param says he couldn’t understand what they are saying. Meher talks about goodbye and meeting again. Sarab too says similar things but talks about fate and what is stored for them. They both look at each other. Sarab tells her he played Romeo’s role 3-4 times in college but he is not that good an actor like her. She says she knows it.

Amrita scold Yuvi when he misbehave with his grandpa. Amrita warn him if he try to imitate like his dadi she will kick him. Jagga comes and ask Amrita to pack her bags and come with him. Amrita refuses and tellhim his mother is the reason and remind him that she murdered Manav and ruined Meher’s life. Stopped Yuvi from school and spoiled his future. Now she stooped so low and made an MMS on Jeeto. She tells him she will never let Yuvi live there yet again. Jagga ask her to think about him and how he will live without them. Amrita ask him to find a house and they will live with him. He refuses to leave his mother and Amrita firmly states that he has to leave them in that case. Jagga leaves.

Sarab, Meher and Param get back to Jolly house. Pam asks Sarab what is his plan for the night As Serbia is hot and happening at night. Meher tells her Param has habit of sleeping early. Pam taunt her that she is only asking about Sarab’s plan not Param’s. Param ask her if this is her house. Pam replies no. Param ask her then why hasn’t she gone home. Meher stops him saying bad manners. She leaves with Param. Jolly calls Sarab for a drink. Pam tells him she wants to join. Jolly refuse her saying it’s a private talk between mama and nephew. Pam thinks she is not able to get close to Sarab.

Sarab and Jolly shares a drink. Jolly observes that Sarab is not like before. His laugher seem to be hiding some pain underneath. He tells him he and Param must have done some good deed to have Meher in their life. He praise Meher and tells Sarab that she loves  Param so much that even Simran wouldn’t have loved him that much. He tells him that he once threw away love for career and look where it got him. He is still single and moved several countries but don’t have anyone to love or share. He asks Sarab to value what he has in life. Jolly then leaves to take Param from their room. Sarab thinks Param has a bad fate as he is going lose a mother once again. He says sorry Param to himself.

Precap- Sarab tell Meher its time to kill her. Rana reads a paper clipping on computer with Meher’s photo where it reads Meher died in a car accident. Kulwant is shocked.