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Choti Sarrdaarni 7th December 2019 Written Update: Meher’s request to Sarab

Today’s episode begins with Sarab looking at all the photos along with Meher and recollects all their memories.Yuvi says nine tables to Jeeto and Amrita is surprised.He tells her Jeeto taught him to count toffees in the order of table 9.Rana asks how come knows 9 tables and Yuvi demonstrates her teaching method and says its easy.Jeeto tells him they will learn10 tables tomorrow with Samosas.He run happily to play.Amrita thanks her.

Meher gives haldi milk to Sarab.Sarab asks her to give him sometime and he will settle her in a place where there is no danger and no one can find her.Meher tells him he has already fulfilled his promise.She asks him if he remembers the promise he made to her on the day in Gurudwara.Flashback shows him making her a promise that he can live in his house without any disturbance.Meher asks if she can stay in this house permanently by being just Param’s Meher mumma.Sarab looks at her for a longtime then tells her its late and she should get some sleep.He leaves without giving her a reply.

Amrita makes pakodas and Kulwant asks what is special Jeeto says her parents have come and asks her to meet them.Kulwant taunt her as usual.She goes to the living room and starts to taunt them that they are here to eat looking at all the snacks in front of them.Kulwant insults them when they tell her they came to give their wishes for Meher and asks how she is.Kulwant tells them she is fine and now leave.They leave.Bittu yells at Kulwant for misbehaving with his in laws.

Robby is shocked to see police sitting in the living room and everyone in family already present there.Param tells Robby he is going to jail.Robby gets nervous Param says in game as he will be police and Robby will be thief.Robby gives excuse of not feeling well.Harleen calls Robby and tells him the police has finished investigating them now its his turn.Police shows Robby the photos of goons who attacked Meher and asks if he recognize them.He says no.Sarab says they have also caught the goons in Serbia and they are all in jail.Robby asks if they said anything about who gave them orders.Police informs him that they will know shortly after they do the Narco test on them.Robby gets nervous and Jolly asks if he is alright.Robby assures him he is fine.

Kulwant scold Bittu for raising his voice on her.Bittu says she has crossed all limits and he wants his share of the property.He asks her to divide the property into 4 and give to his siblings and him.Amrita is astonished.Yuvi asks Bittu where his share is.Amrita scold him.Yuvi says he will break those who hurt his Jeeto Chachi.Kulwant remains shocked.

Sarab goes to Meher’s room and she is drying her wet hair in a towel.He slips and she catches him.They share on eyelock.They both apologize.Sarab asks her to get ready in 10 minutes as they are going somewhere.Meher says he hasn’t given her a reply for her question.what does his silence means.Sarab tells her she will get to know the reason for his silence once they reach the destination.Episode ends.

Precap – Nurse asks Meher what is the baby’s father name.Sarab says Sarabjit Singh Gill.He tells Meher her baby will come to this world bearing his name.They are in ultrasound room and Meher is happy.

Buzzing Hot Choti Sardarni Choti Sardarni written update Choti Sarrdaarni Choti Sarrdaarni written update Colors TV

Choti Sarrdaarni 6th December 2019 Written Update: Sarab is dismissed from all charges from the court

Today’s episode begins with Meher getting hounded by press with so many questions while she pleads with them to let her go inside.While the judge is about give the final verdict someone informs her about Meher’s presence and she is shocked.Robby sees Meher talking to the press and turns his face aside while Meher rush towards courtroom.Param feels Meher’s presence and start running towards her trying to reach her pushing through the crowds.Meher and Param finally hug each other and Param asks why did she take so much time to find him.Meher tells him that it took her sometime to find him in their hide and seek game and apologize for delay.Kulwant and her sons get happy seeing her alive.Sarab walks toward her and wipes her tears.She holds his hand and cries looking at his wound.Meher was about to hug him but stopped midway.Kulwant hugs her happily.Jeeto tells her that Kulwant dint have food ever since she heard the news of her death.Meher asks her to eat first.Kulwant holds hands infront of Sarab and falls on his feet in apology.Sarab stop her and hugs her as he is like her son.Kulwant apologize to Harleen and Dolly.Dolly tell her words once uttered cant be taken away.

Court dismisses the case against Sarab.Sarab sees Jagga injured and gets concerned.Meher says if not for her brother they wouldn’t have got even her dead body.He saved her today.Sarab asks Jagga why is he and Meher in uniforms.Meher assure him she will tell once they reach home.Param says he is very happy to have his parents back.Sarab puts bandage over Meher’s hand and she explains to Sarab what happened after he left.Sarab is astonished and wonders who could it be that not only wanted her dead but also wanted to frame him.Meher says she dint worry about her but she dint want anything to happen to him.Sarab looks her feeling emotional.Param comes and tells Sarab that Harleen bua is calling him.Sarab leaves.

Param takes Meher to his room and she is surprised to see their photographs pasted on the walls along with notes.Param says he was reminded of them very much and hence did all this.Meher is moved.Param admits that he wanted to control his tears but he couldn’t.He also tells her he couldn’t sleep without her and asks her to put him to sleep.She hugs him and soon Param falls asleep.Meher looks at him lovingly and she falls asleep holding his hands.

Harleen tells him that when their parents died she promised herself that she wont let anything happen to him.She thought she lost him but thank God they both reached home safely.She asks who could be behind this.Sarab tells he don’t know but they made a mistake by attacking Meher and he won’t spare them.He tells Harleen that he is going to office to discuss with Tharkhaji and going to hire best private investigators.Robby hears good and advice him to sleep and take rest first.He agrees and leaves.Harleen wonders again who could it be.Robby says it could be a gang in Serbia as noone in Punjab has guts to mess with Sarab.Harleen tells him whoever it is Sarab wont rest until he gets to the bottom of this.

Sarab calls Meher who was sleeping holding Param’s hands.Meher says we can’t change the destiny.Maybe in Param’s destiny he has both of our love.In spite trying to be away from him his destiny always brings her back.Episode ends.

Precap – Meher asks if he still stand by his words and can she stay in this house just by being Param’s mom forever.

Buzzing Hot Choti Sardarni Choti Sardarni written update Choti Sarrdaarni Choti Sarrdaarni written update Colors TV

Choti Sarrdaarni 5th December 2019 Written Update: Jagga and Meher are chased by the goons

Today’s episode begins with Robby asking the goons not to let Meher out of airport and kill her as soon as she step out.Goons tell him not to worry as all his men are waiting out ready to shoot her and Attari police have gone to bring Meher out.One of the men comes and tells Attari police is just coming then who was those two men.Robby scolds them that if they miss her Sirji will not spare them.They see Jagga and Meher dressed in police uniform going away in bike.

At the court the prosecutor says Sarab killed his wife.Defense lawyer says that an accused is not guilty until the dead body is found and there is no proof of murder.Prosecutor shows the mail Sarab sent to Tharkhaji 5 hours before Meher was dead. Defense lawyer says it doesn’t prove anything as his mail could have been hacked.Prosecutor calls Kulwant to witness box and asks what could be the reason Sarab killed his wife. Kulwant thinks whether he came to know that Meher is pregnant with someone else’s baby.She says she don’t know and cries.She says it was her mistake that she got Meher married to Sarab thinking he is a good and wealthy man.She blames herself for the madness and accuse that Sarab took Meher to Serbia for honeymoon and killed her.Prosecutor says that a mom’s tears can never lie.Defense lawyer counters that court needs proof it’s not a theater. Kulwant gets hysterical and judge asks her to sit.

Meher and Jagfa are followed and the goons finally surrounded them with guns.One of them holds both Jagga and Meher at gunpoint and messages Robby that they are caught.Robby smiles.The prosecutor says Sarab is silent because he is either guilty or he don’t have anything to say.Judge warns Sarab that his silence can go against him. Sarab says he has nothing to say.Param,Harley and Dolly asks him to speak up but Sarab remains mum when prosecutor asks him of he killed his wife or not.Judge recesses for break before giving decision.

Jagga and Meher fights the goons.They escape in bike but the goons follow them in jeep closely. Sarab hugs Param when he asks him to come home.Lawyer says his silence will go against him and he might be convicted. Sarab says he don’t care. Harleen says they do and asks him to think about Param. Sarab says he thought about him and hence transferred all his properties in Param’s name and Dolly and Harleen will be its trustees until Param becomes 18.Robby gets upset seeing the documents.He takes Harleen aside and says how come Sarab transferred his entire property in Param’s name as she too has a share in it. Harleen scolds him for talking about properties when her brother’s life is at stake.She leaves disgusted. Sarab tells Param to be strong.

The goons shoot Jagga in the arm and the bike skids throwing Both of them down. Meher ties a kerchief in his wound while the goons come towards them at full speed while Robby sees it on video call.At the last minute Meher throws something making the car skid and it hit a tree.Judge says all the proofs denote that Sarab is murderer.While Jagga and Meher reach court.Two goons disguised as lawyers stop them and Jagga fights them as Meher runs toward courtroom. She stops seeing press.

Precap – Sarab sees Meher and walks toward her outside courtroom.He wipes her tears while she hold his hand.

Buzzing Hot Choti Sardarni Choti Sardarni written update Choti Sarrdaarni Choti Sarrdaarni written update Colors TV

Choti Sarrdaarni 4th December 2019 Written Update: Sarabjeet reaches the court!

Today’s episode will be updated soon!

Click on the link below to read the full written update of Choti Sarrdaarni episodes!

Choti Sarrdaarni 3rd December 2019 Written Update: Meher escapes goons and gets arrested herself to Serbia police

Buzzing Hot Choti Sardarni Choti Sardarni written update Choti Sarrdaarni Choti Sarrdaarni written update Colors TV

Choti Sarrdaarni 3rd December 2019 Written Update: Meher escapes goons and gets arrested herself to Serbia police

Today’s episode begins with Meher requesting the Punjabi woman to give her phone to make a call.The woman refuses but give her money.Meher denies saying she asked for help not begging for money.The woman asks her to bring her luggage along then gives the money.She sees a food cart and decide to eat for her baby.She buys a sandwich.The lawyer tells Harleen, Sarab’s image is ruined after the press conference and Kulwant has gained the sympathy of public.He tells her they don’t have a solid evidence and ask if they found out why he bought a house in Belgrade.

Dolly says Meher must have a boyfriend there and Sarab is always sympathetic and helps people.So he would have bought a house for her and boyfriend to settle.Harleen ask Dolly to stop making such stories.Lawyer says her story has a valid point, if they could prove Meher had an extramarital affair they can try to save Sarab.Harleen refuses to assasinate Meher’s character.Dolly and lawyer convince her as it’s the only way to save her brother.She reluctantly agrees.

Meher calls Sarab’s landlime from a phone booth.Robby picks it up and is shocked to hear Meher.Meher says she is alive.Robby changes his voice and pretends not to hear her clearly.He asks where she is calling from.Meher says from a police booth in Belgrade,giving him the location.Robby disconnects the phone and calls his goons shouting at them how come Meher is still alive.He gives her location and ask them to kill her.

Meher is worried how to convey that she is alive.She bends down to pick up her food packet.Suddenly the glass window breaks and she sees the goons coming a her with guns.She runs and hides behind food cart.She picks up a stone and attacks the hand of goon making the pistol fly away.They hear police siren and escapes.Meher thinks she has to do something that will make the government deport her.She hits a policeman with a stone and surrender saying she did it so arrest her.

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छोटी सरदारनी 3 दिसंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: रोवी को पता चला कि मेहर ज़िंदा है!

Param comes to meet Sarab.He asks him if he killed his Meher Mumma.Sarab asks him if his papa can ever do such a thing.Param replies no.Sarab tells him he and his mom are playing a big game of hide and seek where Meher is hiding and no one knows where she is.He asks if Param want to join them.Param says yes.He asks Sarab to make him fall asleep as he can’t sleep without his Meher Mumma.Sarab puts him on his shoulder and makes him sleep.

Harley,Jolly and Robby comes there.Sarab asks Harleen not to bring Param here as he will get upset seeing him like this.Harleen ask him to think about his bail and ask him to sign papers.He tries to read it.Lawyer tells him it just says Meher has an extramarital affair.Sarab gets angry and push the lawyer holding his collar.He asks him to go out and take the papers.Harleen tell him they had no option.Sarab ask her to meet Kulwant on his behalf.She agrees reluctantly.Robby thinks by refusing bail Sarab made his plan easier.

Police takes Meher to custody and ask how she came here and where is her papers.Param keeps a hand on his chest and talks to Meher.Meher does the same by keeping her hand in chest.Jolly asks what he is doing and Param explain.He shouts to Meher if she can hear him.Meher pleads to the punjabi officer to send her back to India.She begs timberland him brother.

Police agrees as he is a Punjabi and she called him brother.He instruct an official to book Meher in tonight’s flight.Meher thanks him.Kulwant has a funeral at her house for Meher and Harleen comes with Robby and Param.param is shocked to see Meher’s photo having a garland.Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab is taken to court.Meher request police officer in India to bring her to court to save Sarab.Judge asks Sarab to speak up.Sarab says he has nothing to say.

Buzzing Hot Choti Sardarni Choti Sardarni written update Choti Sarrdaarni Choti Sarrdaarni written update Colors TV

Choti Sarrdaarni Written Update 2nd December 2019: Meher escapes from the goons

Today’s episode starts with Meher bravely fighting the goons and escaping them by shooting one of the masked man in knee.She runs outside.Param dreams of meeting Sarab in jail and police taking him away.He shouts papa and wakes up.Alin comes and consoles him saying his father will be back soon.Param ask if his father killed Meher Mumma.Alin asks Param to think to himself if his father can ever do that.Servant gives phone to Param saying Yuvi is on the line.Param says to Alin maybe Yuvi has news.Yuvi says he will kill him like his father killed his Meher Bua.Param cries.Amrita comes there and scolds Yuvi after hearing him.Alin takes the phone and Amrita apologise to her.Param prays to God crying to return his father.Alin hugs him and prays as well.

Police beat Sarabjit badly in jail and still he does not open his mouth.Inspector asks his official why he is giving third degree treatment to such a highly political individual.Higher official tells him not to worry as he got orders from someone at the top to give him this treatment until truth is out.Inspector wonders who it might be.One of the goon calls up a lady shown in silhouette.She scold him for letting Meher escape.She warns him to find Meher and that she should never leave Serbia.She owes to ruin Sarabjit and his Meher.Meher keeps running.

Alin speaks to the press saying Sarab is innocent and he is accused of a crime he dint commit.She ask the people to think about Sarab who is devoted and loyal to his people and their development can do such a thing.Press ruthlessly asks her questions and one of them ask if Sarab is going to resign his post.Alin sternly says he willow resign as he is only accused not proved guilty.Kulwant comes with her sons in jeep and yell at Alin that Sarab killed his wife and shows the mail he sent to press.Tharkha and Alin tries to stop Kulwant but she continues to accuse Sarab.She pours kerosene on Sarab’s photo banner and burns it.Alin and others are shocked.Kulwant threatens to burn herself if Sarab is not removed from his post.Alin tries to reason with her but to no avail.Finally Alin resign Sarab’s post as president on his behalf.She tells Kulwant that her entire family is trying to find Meher and she is misbehaving here in front press.Kulwant ask if they found her sarcastically. Alin says no but they found a real estate agent number from Sarab’s phone records and in investigation they found out Sarab bought a house there and Meher’s things were found there.She says to Kulwant she will prove her brother’s innocence in this but she will never forgive her threat or Misbehavior.

Kulwant wonders why Sarab got a house and how Meher things ended up there.Meher keeps running and thinks to call up India.She forgot the numbers then she remember teaching Param to remember their landline number through a poem.She recollect the number and thinks she don’t have money.She tells herself she has to do something that will make the government here to deport her to India.She asks to people to lend her phone.No one help her.Param distributes food to poor at home.One of the woman bless him.He ask her to pray he should get his parents back soon.Meher finally hears a punjabi speaking woman talking on phone.She tells her that her things are stolen and request to make a phone call.The woman refuse saying she is to be deported.Meher sees the goons coming towards her.Episode ends.

Precap –Meher calls landline from a telephone booth and Robby picks up.Meher says she is alive.Robby disconnect the phone.Goons throw a big stone breaking the booth glass.

Buzzing Hot Choti Sardarni Choti Sardarni written update Choti Sarrdaarni Choti Sarrdaarni written update Colors TV

Choti Sarrdaarni 30th November 2019 Written Update: Mob accuses Sarabjeet for killing Meher!

Today’s episode starts with Press converging news of Sarabjeet’s return to India. Meher sees the news and cries. Harleen and Dolly tries to meet Sarabjeet but inspector stops them from meeting him. Public out their accuses Sarab for killing his wife. There, Param and Jolly too arrives on the airport. Param sees Sarabjeet and runs towards him. Meher cries seeing the news.

Sarabjeet sees Param and thinks he shouldn’t learn about the truth. He says to Param that he is playing game with him meanwhile; someone throws the black ink on Sarabjeet’s face. Inspector separates Sarabjeet and Param. Meher cries. Param cries too and Jolly stops him. Afterwards, Meher asks the goon to open the door. She says she is alive and will not let anything happen to Sarabjeet. Gooen enters and ask Meher not to shout else he will shoot her. He puts Meher on Gun point and closes her mouth with tape.

Sarabjeet, Meher cries recalling the past moments. Later, Harleen comes to meet Sarabjeet and ask him what happened. Sarab refuses to answer to Harleen and ask her to take care of Param. Harleen gives her promise to Harleen and ask Sarabjeet to tell her the truth but Sarab remains silent.

Harleen insists Sarab to tell the truth and slaps her when he refuses to answer her. She further decides to hire a lawyer for Sarab. Rovi informs to his sister that everything is going according to her plan. There, Meher’s family sees the news and Bittu gets angry on Sarabjeet. Jagga supports Sarbajeet and Kulwant gets angry on him for showing sympathy for Sarabjeet. She further decides to hire a lawyer against Sarab.

Meher overhears the talk of Goons and their mastermind and thinks of a plan to escape from the place. She looks for a way and sees the fire alarm. She burns the papers and fire breaks out in the room. Meher thinks Sarabjeet has done much for her and her unborn child and now she will pay him back. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Meher fights with the goons and runs away. There, Police beats Sarabjeet.

Buzzing Hot Choti Sardarni Choti Sardarni written update Choti Sarrdaarni Choti Sarrdaarni written update Colors TV

Choti Sarrdaarni 29th November 2019 Written Update: Sarab is arrested by the Serbia Police for murdering Meher

Today’s episode begins with Some masked men holding Meher at gun point.Meher drops the phone down.One of the men calls Robby.He instruct him to kill Meher after 5 hours as Sarab’s mail mention Meher died at 5’o clock.He asks him to make it look like accident.Jolly tries calling Sarab’s mobile worried.Police comes there asking for Sarab.Jolly tells them he is trying to call him.Sarab arrives and asks what happened.They arrest him for killing his wife Meher.Param cries and asks if he has killed Meher mumma.Sarab dint answer as he had promised Meher he would never disclose her new identity to anyone.Jolly asks where is Meher and he knows he wouldn’t kill her but to tell where she is.Police drags him away.

Thugs take Meher to a different room.She kicks them and one of the guy is about to hit her abdomen with a hockey bat.She begs them not to hurt her and she will do as they say.They keep her locked in a room.Police interrogates Sarab and he keeps quiet throughout.He request to see his son once.Higher official gives one hour time to the investigating officer to make Sarab confess and warn him not to leave any marks on his body.The Investigating officer instruct to lower the temperature to freezing point and he will soon be out of breath.They remove his jacket and lowers the temperature in minus degrees.

Param keeps screaming to see his father.Pam gets irritated and take him upstairs to his room.She screams at him to keep quiet and warns him not to utter one more word and leaves.Meher and Param cries thinking about each other.Sarab freezes inside the interrogating room.Dolly calls Jolly and asks what happened.Jolly assures her he has arranged a best lawyer for Sarab.Dolly says Meher would have run away with someone and Sarab is quiet due to embarrassment.She tells him she is using political pressure to bring Sarab to India.She instruct Jolly to send Param to India with Pam.Pam packs her bags and tells Jolly she cant stay in this mad house minute.She insults Dolly calling her an old woman and asks why the hell should she do as she says.She leaves angrily.Jolly ask her not to worry.Dolly ask Robby to instruct the guards not to let any of Kulwant family inside.While Alin tries to take help from ministers.

Amrita asks them what happened.Bittu blames Jagga for bringing them back else he would have killed the entire family.Jagga says he knows for sure Sarab would not have done anything.He does not look like a murderer.Bittu tells even their mother does not look like a murderer but dint she kill Manav.He yells at Kulwant for making Meher marry Sarab for her own greed to become president.Kulwant shouts at him and tell Jagga to arrange for a best lawyer and she will make sure Sarab will suffer.She will show the entire world the real face of Sarabjit Gill.

Sarab remains in the freezing room.His lawyer comes and talks to him.Meher hears a breaking news from TV that Sarabjit Gill has been arrested in Serbia for killing his wife Meher.The reporter says Sarab has remained silent so far and refuse to answer about what he did to his wife and where her dead body is.Meher remembers his promise and cries.Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab has been brought down to India in police custody.Param waits for him at the airport crying.One of the angry protestors from the crown throws black ink on Sarab’s face.Sarab tries to talk to Param but police drags him away.

Bahu Begum Bepanah Pyaar Beyhadh 2 Bigg Boss Buzzing Hot Choti Sardarni Choti Sarrdaarni written update Colors Gathbandhan Ishaaron Ishaaron mein Isharon Isharon mein Isharon Isharon mein Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Kasauti Zindagi Kay Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala Kumkum Bhagya Kundali Bhagya Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Nazar Sanjivani 2 Star Plus Tujhse Hai Raabta TV TV News Vidya Ye Hai Mohabbatein Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka YRHPK

Week 47 TV Rating Card had a new entry in the list of shows

Like every other week tv report of TV shows have arrived finally. While the list has some usual names in the list but this week this list has seen some new entry as well. The new list of this week TRP toppers consistent shows from almost all kinds of genres and it is an indication that maybe Indian television and the audience pattern of it will change in the upcoming days.

Well this week the 5th slot among all the Non fiction and Fiction shows on TV is shared by three shows respectively.
Colors Reality Show Bigg Boss/ Sony TV weekend show “The Kapil Sharma Show”/ Star Plus Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum with 2.3 trp.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is entering the top 5 list for the first time with their main characters Rohit and Sonakshi got married last week in the show overcoming all the obstacles.

The position of No. 4 is captured by
SAB TV’s longest running show Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasma with a rating of 2.4.
The top 3 shows are the ones usually make it to the top almost every week. The no. 3 position is shared by two shows from rival channels. One is widely popular longest running drama soap and another one is based on the supernatural based with a touch of a magical love story.

Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya and Star Plus Yeh Jaadu Hain Jinn Ka is sharing the third position with 2.8 Trp.

Seems like people are liking the cute banters of Aman and Roshni with lots of drama and twists and turns. While Kumkum Bhagya is dealing with another misunderstanding track of Abhi and Pragya regarding their family members.

In the No.2 there is again two shows are ruling the position and of course a consistent holder of this number.

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hain and Colors TV show Choti Sardarni is settling here with 2.9 Trp.

Seems like the kidnapping track in both the shows are attracting people enough towards it.

Last but not the least, the number one position is the number one position is completely ruled by
Zee TV spin off show Kundali Bhagya with 3.1 Trp.

Seems like the track of Preeta is getting married to Prithvi again while Karan is trying to stop the marriage is entertaining the audience so much.

Well, while some new shows made its entry in the top five list, there are some shows who missed out in the list this week. Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke who recently witness a leap with the breakup of Abir and Mishti did not work well for that TRP audience it seems. Colors Tv show Shakti shown a rise in TRP with the same ratings of 2.2 with Yrhpk but unable to make it at the top 5 list.

Well is your favourite show in the top this week?

Then let us know in the comments below.

Buzzing Hot Choti Sardarni Choti Sardarni written update Choti Sarrdaarni Choti Sarrdaarni written update Colors TV

Choti Sardarni 28th November 2019 Written Update: Serbia police is informed that Meher is missing

Today’s episode begins with Kulwant, Jagga and Bittu going to embassy office and requesting the ambassador assistant to meet with ambassador immediately. The ambassador for Serbia asks what is the noise about and Kulwant, Jagga tries to explain in broken english about the trouble Meher is in and shows him the mail. The ambassador inform the Serbia police to check out and take appropriate action. Sarab removes Meher’s bangles as per Rasam. As Meher reminisces the moments of her marriage. After Sarab removes all her bangles Meher tells him after the rasam her hands should not be left plain. Sarab removes his chain and ties it to her hand.

Kulwant and his sons goes to Sarab’s house and screams at his family members. They are all confused by their behavior. Jagga shows the mail to Robby and they read it in shock. Alin says its impossible and a lie, did they try calling Meher. Bittu says she was crying and screaming in pain. Alin says she will call Sarab. Kulwant tells her she called him 100 times its not going through. She blame Sarab and accuse him of killing Meher. Bittu yells he will put this house on fire and kill everyone. Dolly tells she will check with her brother Jolly as they are staying with him in Serbia. Jagga too threatens them in anger. Dolly tells them Jolly said Sarab has taken Meher somewhere and Param is sleeping with him. Kulwant says see it must be his plan to kill Meher. Robby tells them he will try to call Sarab and steps alone. He calls his man in Serbia asking about Sarab and Meher’s whereabouts. The man informs Sarab has bought a new house and they are inside. Robby tells him to execute the plan as it’s the right time to strike.

Meher tells him after bangle removing rasam they usually eat sweets. She says its as if Param knows and left a chocolate here. They share a chocolate. Meher gives him Param’s breakfast schedule for the week and he reads it with amusement. She tells him to play Param’s favourite video game sound track to wake him up as he is not waking up easily lately. She tells him now he has to take care of everything. Sarab tell her before her, Alin and himself used to take care of Param now he don’t know how to handle. She says she don’t know how she spend her life without Param and he will always be her first son. She also gives him a paper asking to read it. There are few requests for him asking him not to be irritated all the time, stay away from spices, if possible forgive Robby and not marry a woman like Pam to be Param’s mother. She says get a mother who will love him more than herself. Sarab says he got him such a mother but she is leaving permanently. Meher folds hands and thanks him for everything he has done for her knowing thanks will not justify. Sarab wipes off her tears and tells her he will always be there for her if incase she needs something. He leaves.

Embassy inform Serbia police that an Indian girl is missing and gives Meher’s details. Meher realises Sarab left his phone and has taken hers when Jolly calls his phone. Someone from behind ask her to lift her hands. She turns to see masked men with pistols.

Precap –Meher is abducted. Police arrest Sarab and Param ask if he killed his Meher mumma

Buzzing Hot Choti Sardarni Choti Sardarni written update Choti Sarrdaarni Choti Sarrdaarni written update

Choti Sardarrni 27th November 2019 Written Update: Meher’s family in a state of panic

Today’s episode begins with Sarab telling Meher that he is going to kill her now. Meher asks meaning? Sarab asks if she trust him. Meher replies more than she trust herself. After what he has done for her and baby she completely trusts him. He calls Tharkaji and tell him he is sending an email of an article and this news has to be printed in all newspapers and says he will mark cc to himself as well.

Parallely Rana and Kulwant try to crack Sarab’s mail password. Kulwant tell him to type Paramjit Singh Gill. Rana is scared as it was a final try. Kulwant tell him to confidently type as Param is his life. Rana types and Sarab’s email opens. Rana quickly types a mail for Yuvi admission.

Sarabsends a mail to Tharkajiasking him to arrange a press conference and to announce that Meher has died in a fatal car accident in Belgrade. Rana send mail and sees another incoming mail from Sarab. Kulwant thinks its school’s reply. Rana tells her its Sarab’smail. Kulwant asks him to open it. He reads it aloud and they are shocked. Kulwant frantically tries to call Meher. Its on silent mode. Kulwant tells Rana, Meher will never pick up her phone. Ranaforwarda that mail to him. They rush home to ask Amrita to call.

Sarab asks Meher how come she don’t say anything after reading the mail. Meher tells him her silence denotes her trust towards him. He gives her car keys and new credit card with no limit. Her clothes and groceries all arranged already.

Meher sadly tells him she is worried how her family will react to her death news. She says they will probably forget her with time. Sarab tells her its impossible for her family to forget her as they love her very much and remind her how Kulwant and Jagga almost sold all their properties during the 25crores scam. Meher asks if he will forget her.

Sarab says he can never forget her and tease her that she had irritated him so much. They recollect funny incidents and laugh. Meher says that to save her baby she has distanced herself from her own family. Sarab tells her from now on she will be Seerat Kaur for him and will save her number on phone as such. He assure her no one will be able to trace her and he will carry this secret until last of his breath. Meher ask him to fulfill her last wish and send him to buy things for making Pizza for Param.

Amrita calls Meher and her line is not reachable. Bittu says he will kill Sarab if something happens to Meher. Jagga tell him Sarab is a good man and would never do such a thing. Amrita tries again. Meher was watching video of her feeding pizza to Paramas she is cutting vegetables. She picks up Amrita’s phone and Kulwantputs it on speaker calling her name. Meher cuts her finger with knife by accident and screams. At that time her phone is switched off due to no battery.

Kulwant cries and everyone is alarmed to hear her scream. Amrita tell them her Phone is off. Bittu takes a pistol and Jagga, Rana, Jeeto stop him. Bittu tell them he will kill Sarab’s entire family and alongside Meher’s death news his family’s death news will appear. Jagga stop him as they do not know why Sarab sent such a mail to Tharkajiyet. Kulwant worriedly wonders if Sarab came to know the baby is Manav’s and not his.

Amrita tell her if that was the case he would have just left her here and break all relationship. Kulwant says in matters like this all men ego gets hurt and they will break the woman.
Sarab comes back with her groceries and gives her a new simple card asking her to use this from now on. Kulwant calls police station and inform her daughter is in trouble in Serbia. Police advice her to contact Serbia embassy. Kulwant leaves with her sons. Meher packs the pizza and gives it to Sarab.

Sarab looks at her bangles and says now that she is going to start her new life, she needs to remove the wedding bangles. She says this ritual was forgotten and its to be done by family. Sarab tells her their relationship might not be that of husband and wife but their marriage is real. He says for this occasion he will be family. Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab removes Meher’s wedding bangles. Meher is kidnapped by masked men. Policearrest Sarab for Mehermurder. A masked man about to attack Meher’s stomach with a rod.

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Shocking| Sarabjeet gets arrested in Meher’s murder case? Choti Sardarni

The upcoming track of Choti Sardarni will shock you. The show is gearing up for something interesting, entertaining and shocking.

Colors show Choti Sardarni never fails to amaze the audiences with its high voltage twists and turns. In the show so far Sarabjeet brings Meher to her new house and shocks her by saying that she met Param for the last time. Meher cries badly and accuses Sarabjeet for not letting her spending more time with Param. She pours her out to Sarabjeet and asks him why he didn’t tell her before bringing her to the house.

Sarabjeet tells to Meher that because he knows that she won’t be able to leave Param neither Param will let her go thus he brought her while he was asleep. Meher cries and ask Sarab to bring grocery, as she wants to make pizza for Param. Afterwards, Sarab tells to Meher that he will spread the news of sudden demise on the social media so that she can start her life at Serbia.

Now in the upcoming sequence will see, goons at Serbia will abduct Meher. Meher will fight with them. Here, Serbia will arrest Sarabjeet for killing Meher. The makers of the show have already released a shocking promo. In the promo it is seen Sarabjeet reaches the airport. Public accuses him for killing his wife. Param ask Sarabjeet about Meher. Check out the promo below!

What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch. Do Meher will return to save Sarabjeet? Do Sarabjeet will be able to prove his innocence? What will happen to Param? Do Rovi is behind all the mess or Dolly planned against Meher and Sarab? Well, for all the answers keep watching the show mon-fri on colors channel.

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