Choti Sardarrni 25th November 2020 Written Update: Aditi fights with Vikram

Choti Sardarrni 25th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sarab apologize to Meher saying he can’t put wrong allegations on Vikram. Vikram tells Devika that he can’t put wrong blame on them. She asks what if they puts wrong allegations on him. He says they are good people and he knows them that they won’t put any wrong allegations on him. She says if he behaved like this then no one will take his case and he won’t get his Karan. He tells her to not say like that and says she is thinking like a Lawyer so he won’t blame her for that but she needs to think like a parent.

He says he tried every ways to get his Karan but failed in every attempt and pleads her to understand him and help him to get his son. She assures him that he will get his son and puts her hand on his shoulder. Aditi who came there shouts at Devika and pushes her hand. She holds Vikram’s collar saying he lied to her and assumes Devika as duppata girl and asks why he lied to her and made fake promise on Seema.

He tells her to look at him and listen him. She says she won’t listen him. He says Devika is not his lover instead she is his Lawyer. She asks why she put her hand on him then. He shows CCTV footage to her saying she met Devika first time and says he didn’t expected this behavior from her.
He tells her to trust him that there is no girl in his life otherthan her.

Aditi calls Sarab. Meher asks didn’t she reache the airport. Aditi says she needs one favor from Sarab and tells him to buy two flower bouquet with sorry card and sends that to Devika and Vikram. He asks what happened.
She tells him everything which happened in Vikram’s cabin and says she is so angry on herself and she should not have reacted like that.
Meher says Aditi doing right by apologizing to Vikram. Sarab says he will send the bouquets to them. He calls Manpreet and informs him to order bouquets. Meher asks why Vikram met Lawyer.

Vikram receives bouquet and recalls what Devika told him to do. Devika said he need to get DNA test first and his relationship should be normal with his wife because Karan is baby so he needs mother’s love according to court and if he wants to his son then his wife should be supportive to him and he said his wife only did Karan’s delivery so they can use this point also.

He gets call from Aditi and flirts with her. He says he liked that she is possessive about him and he understood that she reacted like that earlier because she loves him that much and disconnects the call. He says he is ready to do anything to get his Karan and he won’t lose the case. Sarab enquiries about Devika and decides to hire the Lawyer who opponent to Devika.

Patak and Robbie plans against Sarab and Meher. Robbie says Sarab don’t want everyone to know Meher past and says if Harleen gets to know then drama will happen. Patak says it may look difficult but it’s easy one so they has to be careful with their steps.

Jeeto tells Gulwant that Amrita leaving the house. Gulwant asks what happened. Jeeto says she tortured her that’s why.Ginni comes to call her.Gulwant says she already knows the matter. Ginni apologize to Amrita on behalf of Gulwant and tells her to not go saying she and Jeeto has to do all the household chores if she leaves then.

Gulwant stops Amrita and asks what she is taking with her.Amrita says she is not theif. Gulwant checks her and tells her to go inside the room. She asks how dare she to break her house and tells her to go inside. Amrita goes inside. Jeeto suggests Amrita to tell everything to Meher saying she can teach lesson to Gulwant. Sarab, Meher and Param plays with Karan. Vikram gives his blood sample and wonders how he is going to get Karan’s blood sample. Robbie comes there with Patak and says he will give Karan’s blood sample

Episode ends.

Precap – Robbie tries to take Karan’s blood sample without anyone’s knowledge.

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