Choti Sardarrni 27th November 2019 Written Update: Meher’s family in a state of panic

Today’s episode begins with Sarab telling Meher that he is going to kill her now. Meher asks meaning? Sarab asks if she trust him. Meher replies more than she trust herself. After what he has done for her and baby she completely trusts him. He calls Tharkaji and tell him he is sending an email of an article and this news has to be printed in all newspapers and says he will mark cc to himself as well.

Parallely Rana and Kulwant try to crack Sarab’s mail password. Kulwant tell him to type Paramjit Singh Gill. Rana is scared as it was a final try. Kulwant tell him to confidently type as Param is his life. Rana types and Sarab’s email opens. Rana quickly types a mail for Yuvi admission.

Sarabsends a mail to Tharkajiasking him to arrange a press conference and to announce that Meher has died in a fatal car accident in Belgrade. Rana send mail and sees another incoming mail from Sarab. Kulwant thinks its school’s reply. Rana tells her its Sarab’smail. Kulwant asks him to open it. He reads it aloud and they are shocked. Kulwant frantically tries to call Meher. Its on silent mode. Kulwant tells Rana, Meher will never pick up her phone. Ranaforwarda that mail to him. They rush home to ask Amrita to call.

Sarab asks Meher how come she don’t say anything after reading the mail. Meher tells him her silence denotes her trust towards him. He gives her car keys and new credit card with no limit. Her clothes and groceries all arranged already.

Meher sadly tells him she is worried how her family will react to her death news. She says they will probably forget her with time. Sarab tells her its impossible for her family to forget her as they love her very much and remind her how Kulwant and Jagga almost sold all their properties during the 25crores scam. Meher asks if he will forget her.

Sarab says he can never forget her and tease her that she had irritated him so much. They recollect funny incidents and laugh. Meher says that to save her baby she has distanced herself from her own family. Sarab tells her from now on she will be Seerat Kaur for him and will save her number on phone as such. He assure her no one will be able to trace her and he will carry this secret until last of his breath. Meher ask him to fulfill her last wish and send him to buy things for making Pizza for Param.

Amrita calls Meher and her line is not reachable. Bittu says he will kill Sarab if something happens to Meher. Jagga tell him Sarab is a good man and would never do such a thing. Amrita tries again. Meher was watching video of her feeding pizza to Paramas she is cutting vegetables. She picks up Amrita’s phone and Kulwantputs it on speaker calling her name. Meher cuts her finger with knife by accident and screams. At that time her phone is switched off due to no battery.

Kulwant cries and everyone is alarmed to hear her scream. Amrita tell them her Phone is off. Bittu takes a pistol and Jagga, Rana, Jeeto stop him. Bittu tell them he will kill Sarab’s entire family and alongside Meher’s death news his family’s death news will appear. Jagga stop him as they do not know why Sarab sent such a mail to Tharkajiyet. Kulwant worriedly wonders if Sarab came to know the baby is Manav’s and not his.

Amrita tell her if that was the case he would have just left her here and break all relationship. Kulwant says in matters like this all men ego gets hurt and they will break the woman.
Sarab comes back with her groceries and gives her a new simple card asking her to use this from now on. Kulwant calls police station and inform her daughter is in trouble in Serbia. Police advice her to contact Serbia embassy. Kulwant leaves with her sons. Meher packs the pizza and gives it to Sarab.

Sarab looks at her bangles and says now that she is going to start her new life, she needs to remove the wedding bangles. She says this ritual was forgotten and its to be done by family. Sarab tells her their relationship might not be that of husband and wife but their marriage is real. He says for this occasion he will be family. Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab removes Meher’s wedding bangles. Meher is kidnapped by masked men. Policearrest Sarab for Mehermurder. A masked man about to attack Meher’s stomach with a rod.