Choti Sarrdaarni 10th December 2019 Written Update: Yuvi gets admission in Param’s school

Today’s episode begins with Meher and Sarab asking Param will he keep his baby brother or sister happy. Param says he will and ask Sarab to order one from mall and they both laugh. Meher tells him that they wont get babies in mall. He asks then how will baby come? Sarab smirks at her and says now explain as you know how to explain to kids. Meher says babaji will place it on her tummy. Param says then ask babaji for a baby. Sarab says Babaji already placed a baby in Meher’s tummy but he should not tell it to anyone else. Param promises and they leave home. Dolly and Harleen are talking to Dolly’s friend Neelu who was pregnant. Dolly teases her that she is pregnant at grandmother’s age. Param comes there and ask why is aunty’s tummy is so big. Harleen tells him she has a baby in her tummy. Param says papa said  Meher mumma’s tummy and stopped. Dolly asks what is there in Meher’s tummy. Meher comes and puts a gulab jamun in Param’s mouth. Dolly insist what is it then ask Sarab who laughs trying to gain time and asks Meher to say it as its too funny. They both laugh and Dolly stops him and asks sternly. Sarab says Meher has gas and its become so complicated that it turned into constipation. Meher glares at him but smiles. Neelu aunty says no coffee and tea. And to drink prune juice everyday for 2 times. Meher makes faces and Sarab enjoys. Dolly instruct the servant to give only prune juice to Meher to stop constipation.

Jagga asks Yuvi to take blessings from Kulwant and tells her he got admission in Param’s school. Kulwant says congratulations and dances. Amrita tells her he missed a year and they are putting him again in class 2 with Param. Kulwant asks her not to crib and be happy. Rana says to Kulwant that she is great. Bittu asks what did she do. It must be Meher who have spoken to Sarab. Kulwant thinks of their email and that it would always remain a secret.

Sarab gives juice to Meher and she scolds him for giving such stupid reason. They start their nokjhok and Sarab tells her its all because of Param and he must be hiding somewhere. Meher says yes and finds him hiding under a bedsheet on the floor. Param says sorry. Harleen comes and asks what happened Param says he was asking sorry to Meher Mumma. She asks them why and again Sarab and Meher starts laughing pointing at the other to say it. Finally Meher says Sarab wanted to drink the juice and blabbers something. They make Sarab drink the juice. Meher says he likes it so much and please pack it everyday for his office. Harleen believes it and says she will instruct the servants. Meher then asks Param why did he say it when he promised to keep it a secret. He asks sorry again and says when will they get the baby. He will play and share his toys. Meher says soon.

Servant comes and informs Kulwant is waiting outside and refuse to come in. Meher thinks what she is upto now. Jagga and Amrita asks why is she sitting outside. Kulwant says she made a mistake and how can she go home. Amrita says she should have just sent sweets with Jagga and Rane. Kulwant scolds her. Sarab comes and asks why she is not coming inside. She says she said many bad  things to Harleen and misbehaved. Harley has not forgiven her still. Harleen turns her face. Kulwant puts drama and pretends to cry for her behaviour. Meher and others stands indifferent. Sarab finally ask Harleen to forgive her for his sake. Harleen calls her inside. Dolly gets annoyed with Kulwant’s drama and exaggeration. Kulwant calls her family inside saying Harleen forgave her. Meher removes her chain and puts it on Jeeto saying she has come here for first time. Kulwant gives sweets for Yuvi’s admission in Param school. The next day Meher gets up late and searches for Param. Sarab tells her he got him ready and sent him to school. She asks why he dint wake her. They again argue and Sarab says he finally got his revenge just like how she sent Param to school one day before he could get up, he did the same. They stare at eachother.

Precap – The principal says mail came from Sarab for admission. Meher asks Sarab if he got it done. Sarab looks confused. Tharkha checks it and says it was gone from Sarab’s account at 10. 30pm. Sarab is puzzled.