Choti Sarrdaarni 10th January 2020 Written Update: Param Celebrate Sankranti

Today’s episode begins with Doctor telling Meherthat he need to take Param’s blood and urine samples before he could say anything. She request doctor to take same of her blood too so Param don’t get scared. Doctoragrees. Sarab’s employee tells him his daughter has typhoid and is very ill. He is tensed because he don’t have money for treatment anymore. Sarab asks him why he dint tell him before and instruct Tharkhato ensure the kid gets goodtreatment. He tells Tharkha no parents should go through the pain of their children going sick. The nurses gets ready to take blood sample and Meher tells Param they are here to donate blood. She pretend to be scared of injection. Param tell her to chant God’s name as she always tell him to do so when he is scared. Together they chant God’s name and they take blood sample. Doctor tell Meher he needs Param’s urine sample and she is relieved to know they have specially designed commodes for kids so no need to bottles.

Kulwant calls everyone to distribute old clothes among poor as today is Sankranti. She stops Jeeto from giving her clothes and insult her having nothing already. Jeeto runs inside cryingly. Bittu hears from Jeetowhat happened and goes off angrily. Kulwant sends off the poor asking her chant her name. Bittu stop them and give them all wads of money and ask them to say hail JeetoTillo. Kulwantrealised her phone was given to poor and try to stop them but they already left. She ask Amrita to call her number. An old beggar picks up and says once given he wont return anything. Kulwant start cursing him but he disconnects.

Param comes home holding kite happily and Harleen tells him since he love to fly kites she made special arrangements for him in terrace and says she has more beautiful kites. Param insist on using the one he has as Meher bought it for him. He start to scratch his arm and Harleen is shocked to see band aid on his arm and asks him. Paramtells her he and Meher donated blood and ran away. Harleen and Dolly are astonished and Harleen starts shouting at Meher for making a small kid donate blood. She refuse to listen to Meher but Meher tells them that she took him to hospital for check up as he passed dark color urine last night. She decides not to tell them about blood spots as they will panic. Harleen again scold at her for not informing them and talks about having right on Param. Seeing Ginny she stops. Ginny and mom in law says they are leaving for Ludhiana then Canada they came because Harleeninvited for Paramfunction. Harleen ask them to stay little more time and join Param in kite flying. She gladly agrees.

Meher tells Param to try and fly kite on his own as she don’t have mood. Robby tells him about technique he saw in internet and standing on stool try to lift kite but falls down. Param laughs and says he broke his thread. Dolly tries and sprains her arm. Ginny broke kite. Ginny says Harleen is the one to do it. Harleen tells her she has no interest in these local stuff and that its neither her taste or class. FinallyMeher comes and using mud she tells them they tried to lift off kite in wrong direction and points wind is on other side. She asks Robbie to lift off kite from the other side and it takes fast and goes far as Meher starts flying it. Dolly and Harleen are impressed but pretend to indifferent. Harleen goes to send off Ginny and mom in law.

Meher call doctor and he tells report won’t be ready before 5pm. Param’s finger gets cut in thread and he runs off crying to Meher. She asks him to strong and applies first aid. She calls Sarab and ask him to get Paramreport and tells him about Param passing urine in dark yellow. Sarab says she should have called or messaged him. She request him to get it and they cant talk later. Sarab leaves.

Precap – Doctor tells Sarab that Param has tumor in liver. Sarab is shocked and in tears.