Choti Sarrdaarni 11th January 2020 Written Update: Param detected with tumor, Sarabjeet gets shocked

Shocking News for Sarab
Today’s episode begins with Param asking Meher to help him with his kite.Meher assure him nothing will happen to him then change it to nothing will happen to his kite as long as she is there.Bittu and Jeeto fly kite,Yuvi ask them to give it to him but Jeeto ask him to get it from his mom.Jagga comes with Amrita and call Yuvi.They fly a kite together.Rana comes with kites and Bittu and Jagga both ask them to join their side.Rana tells them he cant choose between them and leaves.Kulwant looks at the kites and a neighbor greets her and tell Kulwant that their sons usually cut others kites but this time they are flying 3 separate kites and says its little sad.Kulwant gets teary eyed.

Sarab meets doctor for report and doctor gives him a bad news that there is a tumor in Param’s liver and he needs a liver transplant.Doctor tells Sarab they need a donor with AB- blood group and also should be compatible with Param.Sarab is shocked and teary eyed.Param’s kite gets cut and he starts crying.Meher feels restless.Sarab asks doctor to take his liver but forgets his blood group but says he is his son it would definitely match.

Meher calls Sarab while Harleen and Dolly console crying Param.Sarab hesitates but picks her call and lies printer not working hence delay in getting reports but however his report is clear not to worry.Meher gets relieved and inform Harleen and Dolly who thank God.Doctor tells Sarab that his blood group is O+ and no match for Param.Sarab gets disappointed and ask what is the next step.The doctor inform him that he will forward Param’s case to best surgeon and try to find a donor.Meher records a video of Param flying kite for Sarab.They both make funny faces and sends it to Sarab happily.Sarab drives home crying and he gets the video of Param and is devastated.

Sarab stops the car and cries asking God why he did this to his Param.He gets Meher’s call and she asks if he has seen the video and say isn’t it cute.Meher says she is so happy today and may God bless Param with 100 years.Sarab couldn’t control his tears and tell her he is driving and will call later.Pizza guy comes to Kulwant house and delivers Pizza.Kulwant calls for Yuvi.Bittu says its for him and tell her since he isn’t earning he don’t have right to eat at home.Kulwant ask then who will give money for this.Bittu calls Jeeto and she gives money.Jeeto tell Kulwant it is her money.Kulwant scold her and ask Bittu to apologize to Jagga.Bittu refuse and instead ask her to tell Jagga to apologize to him.He taunt her that she wont tell Jagga anything as he is the one earning.He leave with Jeeto.Yuvi comes crying and tell Kulwant that Jagga is searching for houses in internet and says they are leaving this house.He hugs her leg crying he don’t want to leave her.

Sarab comes and calls for Param bearing lot of gifts.Meher says she has been waiting for long.Sarab lies he was in office as he had some meetings.Meher ask for report to see what deficiency he has so that she can balance his diet.Sarab hesitate and gives her.Meher reads it looking at him worriedly.

Precap – Dolly and Harleen taunt about Meher to Sarab that she took Param after lohri to hospital.Sarab shouts shut up and takes them out.He tells them that if not for Meher they would not have known Param’s serious condition and tells them Param has tumor in liver.