Choti Sarrdaarni 13th January 2020 Written Update: Sarabjeet lies to Meher!

Today’s episode starts with Meher reads the report. In the flashback Sarab asks his manager to mail him Param’s new report. Back to reality; Sarab tells to Meher doctor has said him the duo to excess play he discharged red urine and has asked not to serve any oily or spicy food to Param. Meher feels the relief. Sarab then recalls Meher’s doctor word where she has mentioned not to give any type of mental or physical stress to Meher.

There, Jagga and Amrita looks for their new house. Yuvi says he don’t want to go anywhere leaving Kulwant. Amrita asks Jagga to final the house after kulwant ask Jagga not to go leaving her. Other side, when Harleen accuses Meher for not taking well care of Param, Sarabjeet yells at her shows her tumor report of Param. Sarabjeet and Harleen cries. Dolly and Rovi stands shocked.

Rovi and Dolly consoles Sarabjeet and Harleen and ask them to calm down. Sarabjeet pleads Harleen not to tell Param’s truth to Meher as she won’t be able to bear the news. Meher comes from inside and ask Sarabjeet, Harleen and all why they are sitting in the cold. Harleen lies to her. But Meher sees the reports lying on the table and before she could read Harleen takes the report from her.

At night; Sarabjeet cries recalling his moments with Param. There, Harleen, Rovi and Sarabjeet discuss about finding the donor for Param for liver transplant.

In the morning, Meher tells to Sarabjeet that some Sanjana has called and told her she got the donor. Sarab stands shocked. Meher ask who needs a donor. Sarab lies to Meher and says his accountant’s kid is not well and he needs an organ donor. Meher prays for the child. Meanwhile, Harleen shouts Param’s name and Sarab rushes to see him. He gets shocked seeing Param coughing. Param tells him that he was having milk thus got cough. Episode ends with Sarab saying he will not let anything happen to Param.

Precap: Param lies unconscious. Harleen and Meher cries seeing him.