Choti Sarrdaarni 14th February 2020 Written Update: Amrita tell Jagga to leave politics once case is over

Today’s episode begins with Dolly telling Sarab to let Meher go as she anyway has to leave for maike after godhbarai. Meher call Param and ask him if he is a big boy and a strong guy. Param says yes then Meher tell him that she has to stay in her mom’s house for few days. Param start crying and she tell him that she is going home to bring him the small baby. She whisper something in his ears and asks him to play with Khushi. He leaves running.

Harleen tell Sarab that until the entire case get resolved its better if he and Meher does not meet eachother else Media will pull him into all this and ruin his image. Meher says she is right and asks him to agree. He keep quiet. Jagga tells the family that it is definitely the work of some insider but don’t know who. Amrita worries what will happen after bail is over.

Yuvi shouts that Meher has come home. Everyone gets happy and Kulwant hug Meher in welcome and tells her that she had prepared her room downstairs as its not good to go up and down in stairs. Meher looks around the room recollecting all the memories in each things. She will look at the picture of her and her father remembering how her father advised her to always be honest and face the world bravely. Looking at the picture she promises to prove her innocence.

Sarab is worried that they couldn’t find anything in cctv footage and they only have bail for 4 days of which one day is wasted already. Sarab asks him to check again. Kulwant tell Meher and Jagga sternly that police is there to investigate and there is no need for them to become detective.

Meher says its important because someone has perfectly planned this to kill two birds with one stone. Ruining Sarab career and spoiling hospital name. She tell Kulwant that whatever happen noone can stop her from finding out who is behind this. There Harleen tells Sarab that election is round the corners and media will ruin his and his party name. She tell him not to interfere in the case. Sarab tells her he cant sit idly and after bail is up Jagga and Meher will go to jail.

Sarab says real culprit will be caught very soon. Dolly tell him to understand, just then they hear Meher’s voice saying its time for dinner and that all must be busy with election. Param comes holding recorder saying Meher has kept it in his room and has made the timetable for both of them. Dolly says even being away Meher has found a way to be with you guys, how romantic. Harleen look disinterested.

Sarab was about to drink coffee when Param stop him mentioning Meher. Sarab says yes he knows Meher says by drinking coffee the hunger goes away and keep it down. Harleen tells him to drink if he wish to. Sarab says no it really does kill hunger and asks her to come for dinner.

Harleen is annoyed. Jagga reads the paper telling Amrita that its clearly mentioned that after four days the police can arrest him and Meher without warrant. He says everything will be destroyed, his name and business. He wonders how all this happened suddenly.

Amrita recollect Kulwant telling Yuvi to remove opposition and Harleen’s accusation. Amrita tells him he is an honest person and has no place in politics for people like him. She assure him everything will be alright soon and when that happen she tells him not to involve in politics. Meher scolds Sarab that he says he will miss her but dint call yet.

Sarab too is missing Meher and scold her for not calling after reaching home. They call eachother same time and gets busy tone. They keep the phone in frustration.

Meher calls Harleen and asks if everything is alright as she has been calling Sarab but his line is busy. Harleen tells her Sarab is busy. She asks Harleen to give the phone to Sarab for a minute and Harleen disconnect she is busy. Jagga comes in and gives phone to Meher saying its Sarab’s call.

Sarab scolds her that is she so busy that she didn’t call him. He talks about the timetable she has left for him and asks if she thinks he is a fool. She start instructing him to keep Param’s uniform and bag ready at night as he wont have time in the morning. They start their nok jokh and refuse to give in and Say I miss you to eachother.

Param takes the phone and ask who is it that is troubling his father so late in the night and its time for him to sleep. He repeats Meher’s dialogue that if he wakes late he will stay in toilet for 4 hours. Param remembers to soak channe and runs to kitchen. Sarab thanks her for making Param a very good and intelligent boy. He asks her to send her photo every one hour so he will know if she has eaten and taken medicine on time.

Meher says its not possible. Sarab crib that he can neither meet her nor ask for photo. Meher says they can talk on phone that’s enough and until the case is closed they can’t meet. She asks him to sleep and says goodnight. Sarab thinks its valentine’s day and he can’t meet his wife. If he don’t meet then who will.

Precap – Sarab rides a cycle covering his face in towel early in the morning. Meher wakes up from bed at her home.