Choti Sarrdaarni 14th January 2020 Written Update: Meher gets suspicious

Today’s episode begins with Harleen asking Meher to keep her jewels and papers in locker as she has back pain. Meher agrees and says she and Param will go. Harleen asks her to leave Param at home to rest. Meher agrees and thanks Harleen. She gets happy that atleast Harleen started talking to her. Meher calls Harleen halfway as she forgot the route for her bank. Meher notices Sarab car near a big restaurant and calls him to surprise him. Sarab tells her he came to office for some meeting and disconnects her phone. Meher wonders why he lied and goes behind him thinking he must have seen her and trying to make a fool out of her. Before she could speak to Sarab, she sees him meeting with a woman named Sanjana. Meher gets nervous worrying if Sarab sees her, he might think she is following her and tries to leave. She hurriedly rush out and a waiter gives her a menu card. Before she could get up, Sarab and Sanjana sits in the nearby table. Meher overhears Sarab asking Sanjana if Meher dint get suspicious. She replies she disconnected. Sarab tells her firmly Meher should never get to know about this and she agrees. Meher wonders what is he hiding. Sarab gives Sanjana money and they leave to meet some people in hotel room. Meher thinks Sarab is being blackmailed and he don’t want her to worry hence hiding it.

Yuvi calls Kulwant out and She gets shocked to see Jagga transporting his things in lorry and says they are leaving. Kulwant is shocked and gets emotional. She calls Jeeto and holding her and Amrita’s hands she apologies and confess that she was the one responsible for all this problems. Jagga and Bittu looks at each other and smiles. Rana removes his monkey cap. They all tell Kulwant that it’s a drama to make her understand how even small problems can get big and ruin a household. Kulwant is stunned. Jagga says Meher is the director for their drama and Bittu tells her that Meher understood there is some trouble between brothers and spoke to them at Lohrinight. They all apologize for acting and Kulwant gets happy.

Meher follows Sarab. Sarab and Sanjana goes in lift to 3re floor. Sarab asks why can’t they do this is in hospital. Sanjana tells him people donate organs for money and hospital cant be responsible. Since he has high recommendation she is becoming involved personally. Meher waits near lift and one of the employee tells her she cant use lift without a room key card. Rana tells everyone that Kulwant is locked in her room for hours and has put Yuvi on guard. They all call out for Kulwantand inspire of Yuvi stopping them, Amrita knocks on her door. Kulwant comes out and gestures she is in silent fast. She writes something and Amrita reads that since she is the trouble creator she has decided to fast and follow MounViradh so they can all live peacefully. She wont talk or eat anymore. They all look stunned at her and she goes inside her room. Kulwant says now she will teach them all a lesson for fooling her and eats chips.

One of the employee turned out to be Meher’s college friend Dimple and they hug eachother. Dimple says she is front office manager. Meher asks for a help. Sarab meets with the prospective donors and thank them. Sanjay checks their reports and tells Sarab that she has done some additional tests and she can tell him only after getting those from lab. Khushi and Param are studying and Harleen comes and takes Khushi. She hugs and takes off his nazar. Param wonders Harleen has pampered him so much all day and its not even his birthday.

Precap – Doctor tells Sarab none of the family members match Param’s. Sarab drops the phone in shock. Meher touches his shoulder and says they need to talk.