Choti Sarrdaarni 15th February 2020 Written Update: Sarab’s romantic Valentine’s day gift to Meher


Today’s episode begins with Sarabcomes in cycle disguised as milkman by covering his face. Meher sees him from terrace as he rings the bell. Someone calls from inside to get milk. Meher comes down with a bowl to get milk. Sarab pours milk while dreaming of romancing her. Wind blows making the cloth fall from his face. They both look at each other smiling. Yuvi comes and sees Sarab dresses as milkman. They don’t notice milk overflowing and Yuvi drinks from the flowing milk suddenly the bowl falls from Meher’s hand and drops on top of Yuvi’s head.

Yuvi yells and go inside. Meherand Sarab start their Nokjhok on who will first confess they missed the other. Sarab wishes HVD and Meher asks haldi wala doodh? Sarab teases her that she is the only person who can say this on a romantic line and says happy valentine’s day. He gifts her a pretty bracelet and makes her wear it. He then leaves after saying I miss you to her and he will be a sabji wala next time.

Kulwant help in removing bowl from Yuvi head and won’t believe Sarab came as milkman and thinks Yuvi hurt his head. Meher comes inside and Amrita says Sarab is so sweet and came as milkman. Meher pretends not to understand then Amrita teases her about her bracelet and asks what she gave him in return. Meher says she don’t believe in these things and go inside smiling shyly.

Tharkash calls Sarab and inform him that he had checked the footage and there is some intruder entering from backgate at around 2. 15 am and it looks like a woman. Sarab asks him to send footage to his phone and he sees it. He calls Tharkash and ask him to meet him at hospital as the intruder must have left some evidence.

Tharkash reminds him that hospital is sealed and police on guard. Sarab asks him to think of a way. He reach home and Dolly,  Harleen look at his clothes and ask where he went so early in the morning. Sarab lies he went for a walk. Harleen asks if he went to see Meher. He nods and Harleentells him he really need to be careful and what will happen if media finds out.

Sarab says even Meher didn’t recognize him and asks her not worry. Param comes wearing his school uniform and Harleen asks if servant got him ready. Param replies he got ready on his own and says Meher taught him how to wear tie on video call. Sarab hug him and takes him to feed breakfast. Dolly laughingly says these three finds a way to stay together even through distance. Harleen is annoyed.

Rana flirts with someone on phone. Meher comes and gives him a gift asking him to wrap it and place the card inside. LaterBittu gives Rana another gift asking him to wrap it for Jeeto and tells him to place the letter inside. Ranacontinue to flirt after he leave. At the breakfast table Harleen again scold him for meeting Meher.

Robby comes and tells her that she forgot the date but Sarabdidn’t. Robby gives a gift to Harleen saying its valentine’s day. She thank him. Robby says Sarab disguised as milkman and went to meet Meher to wish her. Sarab asks how did he know. Then start saying that Jeeju is lying as he didn’t do any of it. Robby says he was the one who received the delivery of 15lakhs worth bracelet he had ordered for Meher. Harleen is shocked. Robby asks what Meher gave in return.

Harleen too ask the same. A servant comes and gives a gift box to Sarab saying its from Meher. Sarab goes inside to check gift. He is shocked to see a nightie with a letter asking to wear it and send a photo. Apparently Rana switched the gifts by mistake and Sarab is stunned by the letter and wonder if Meher has lost her mind.

Sarab sneaks in hospital and bumps into a figure clad in blanket which turns out to be Meher. Sarab finds a diamond and says its surely the hands of an insider.

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