Choti Sarrdaarni 15th January 2020 Written Update: Harleen slaps Khushi in anger

Today’s episode begins with Sanjana receiving a call from hospital and she inform Sarab none of these person’s tissues matches Param. Sanjana informs the prospective person saying their tissues dint match and thanks them for coming. Sarab asks tearfully if there is any way.

Sanjana tells him not to lose hope.Dimple asks Meher if Sarab is having an affair. Meher tells her he is the most honest and sweet person and she never suspect him even in dreams but she is sure Sanjana is blackmailing him.Dimple says she can give Sanjana’s room number. Meher thanks her. Harleen brings Khushi for blood test along with other family members.Robby protest for Khushi to take test as she is a kid. Harleen tells that Khushi have more chances of tissue and liver matching as they are cousins.Dolly tells Robby to stop overreacting as there are more tests after this mere blood test will not do any harm.They all take the blood test.Param asks nurses to take his test too. Harleen says he can’t give too soon as he is a kid.

Param promise everyone what he will do when he grows up.They all get teary eyed.Dimple tries to figure out room number but Param calls Meher and tells her just like them Harleen has also donated blood.Harleen takes phone from him and says she just tried to make an excuse,as she cut her finger by accidentand blood came out.So she fooled him saying she donated blood.Harleen ask if she finished her bank work.Meher says she met her friend and now coming home.She tells Dimple to keep an eye on Sanjana.

Kulwant gestures at Rana and Bittu with a glass and spoon.They are unable to guess what she means.She leaves huffing.Rana tells Bittu that whenever Kulwant is silent there is big trouble brewing.Sanjana gets a call and she tells Sarab they got two more donors and asks him to pray it should match as Paramsurgery need to happen very soon.Sarab is teary eyed.

Meher comes home and was about to say something to Harleen when she sees Param lying unconscious on the floor.Both of them run towards him and tries to wake him.She calls the family to call doctor. Meher sprays water and Param gets up quickly.Khushi asks Param why he got up and tells everyone that they were playing doctor and he was acting unconscious. Harleen slaps Khushi and hugs Paramcrying. Seeing her emotional Meher frowns at her.Dolly notice this and ask Harleen to calm down as she remember Sarab’s words that Meher and Param should not know it. Meher consoles Khushi and tells Param Harleen loves him hence slapped Khushi.

Jeeto trims Amrita’s eyebrows and says she learnt it just for fun as her mom often says women should learn more things. Jeeto tells Amrita she knows facial as well and suggest a herbal pack for Amrita face. Amrita agrees to buy the things she mentioned and ask her to apply it on her tomorrow. Kulwant hears about herbal pack and laughs forming a plan. Sarab is frustrated and tells Sanjana if somethimg happens to Param he will die. Harleen calls Sarab to ask if he got donor and Sarab says no. Harleen assures him that the family has done blood test and one of their blood will definitely match.Seeing Meher coming to her room she pretend to talk to a friend. Meher asks Harleen showing a bottle if she gave it to Param as it has no cover. Harleen says its ayurvedic and good for children.She lies she used to give it to Khushi. Meher politely says Param has just had an infection so it might not be good to give tonic without label. Harleen agrees. Meher wonders why Sarab lied to her today and why Harleen has behaved strangely and even being sweet with her.She concludes something is bothering everyone and they are hiding it from her deliberately.

Precap- Sarab thanks the donor for coming and agreeing to donate.Sanjana comes in bringing donors saying they were waiting in lobby.Sarab looks at the gungat woman and wonder who is this.