Choti Sarrdaarni 16th January 2020 Written Update: Meher learns about Param’s health condition!

Today’s episode starts with Mehers calls Dimple and asks her if she learned anything. Dimple says No. Sanjana assures Sarab she will do something. She praises Meher. Sarab praises Meher too.

Param reads rhyme and Sarab over hears him from far. He gets teary. Sarab wipes his tear and behaves calm in front of him. Param asks Sarab what he brought for her. Sarab stands silent. Param gets upset. Meher asks Param not to be as Sarab brought gift for him that day. Later, Sarab goes to his room and cries loudly. Meher knocks and asks Sarab if he is fine. Sarab replies yes.

Ahead, Sarab recalls his moment with Param and gets emotional. Meanwhile, Sanjana calls and tells to Sarab that no one from his family can donate a liver. Sarab stands shocked. Meher comes from behind and asks Sarab what he is hiding from her.

Sarab fakes laugh and says to Meher he is hiding nothing. Meher questions Sarab and asks him to tell her what going on. She says to Sarab that she is concerned for him thus asking what is bothering him and pleads him to tell her the truth. Sarab remains silent. Other side, Kulwant asks Yuvi not to tell anyone that she is faking by being silent. She further sees a plant and thinks of doing drama at the house.

Later, Meher, Sarab and Param plays hide and seek. Param looks for Meher and Sarab. A chandelier falls on Param and Sarab wakes up. He panics and Param asks Sarab not to be sacred as he is beside him.

Ahead, Harleen asks Sarab if anyone from their side can donate liver to Param or not. Sarab says no and asks her to relax as Sanjana will do something.

Sanjana calls and tells to Meher one donor Seema reports amtches with Param and she is going to visit her soon. A veil woman enters Sanjana’s house and Sarab thinks she is Seema and pleads her and asks her to save Param’s life.

Afterwards, Sanjana makes Sarab to meet Arvind and Seema who is ready to donate liver. Sarab wonders if this girl is Seema than who is sitting in the veil. Meher unveils her and Sarab stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Meher assures Sarab nothing will happen to Param.