Choti Sarrdaarni 17th January 2020 Written Update: Param finally gets a donor

Today’s episode begins with Meher crying and Sarab hesitating. Sanjana tells them they will give them time to talk and wait outside. Sarab tells Meher he wanted to tell her but he just couldn’t. Meher cryingly prays to God and Sarab too sits down and prays with her. Meher recollects moments spent with Param. Meher helds out her hand to Sarab and he holds it. Meher tells him strongly nothing will happen to Param. Rana takes Yuvi and calls Jeeto to tell her he brought neem leaves. Kulwant hears it. She mixes some leaves with neem with a stick and says she wanted to hear the sound of her scream. Seeing Jagga,  Kulwant pretend to do yoga in one leg.

Sanjana introduces herself and says due to her prayers and Sarab efforts they found a donor like Seema who realized her blood group is AB- only yesterday and decided to donate. Meher says hers is AB- too and why wait for donor she herself can donate. Sanjana says its not an option as she is pregnant. Seema tells her that’s the difference as inspite of being married for 8 years they don’t have kids. So when she heard she can save a kid’s life she don’t hesitate to donate.

Meher tells her they will get a baby soon and she will keep them in her prayers.  Rana eats parotta in kitchen, Amrita asks Rana to put neem leaves in kulwant bathing water as she loves to bath in new water. She also instruct him to give the remaining to Jeeto to prepare face pack. Rana drops the leaves in water. His palms starts itching and he thinks he is going to get money. Jeeto was about to apply face pack on Amrita but Amrita tells everyone she is worried about Kulwant’s moun Viradh.

Jagga, Bittu and others agree that house has become too silent and incomplete with her speaking. Bittu says they all should pray to God to stop her Moun Viradh. Soon they hear Kulwant shouting. They run happily as she started speaking. Kulwant comes out from bathroom scratching her body and screaming a the while.

Sarab and Meher are on their way home and Sarab tells Meher that they should take care of Param carefully until his surgery and to give him everything he wanted. Param video calls Meher and says he won’t talk to them as they left him alone and went out. Meher says he was sleeping and what does he want to have. Param says he dreamt about eating variety of icecream and they tell him they will bring loads for him.

Dolly start to exercise thinking to be fit like Kulwant. They hear a loud bell ringing sound. Param runs happily outside and Sarab and Meher has brought a whole ice cream cart. They ask him what flavor he wants and say that he has to pay for the ice creams through kisses and hugs. Harleen happily watches Param. Sarab and Meher play and tease him while giving icecream. Suddenly Param starts coughing and everyone gets concerned. Param teases he made them a fool. Param asks Meher to come inside to pack his things for picnic. Sarab says he cant go but will take him some other day. He says Meher promised him. Meher tells Sarab she promised unknowingly. Param is adamant to go only with his friends tomorrow. Meher tells him he can go and hugs him Harleen looks on worriedly.

Precap – Sarab, Harleen and Meher dresses up as clowns and gets inside the school bus entertaining kids. Param looks at their eyes through the masks.

Today’s Written Update will be updated soon.