Choti Sarrdaarni 18th December 2019 Written Update: Harleen confronts Meher and Sarab with the truth

Today’s episode begins withSarab consoling Meher that not to worry about anything and ask her to sleep. He tucks her in and starts to read a book. Dolly calls everyone asking if they are ready. Meher asks if she is going somewhere. Dolly says they are leaving for Chandigarh for her friend’s daughter’s birthday. Harleen tells Dolly shehas headache and she wont be able to come. Meher tells her she will give her a massage. Harleen says no she will be okay if she sleeps and thinks to herself she has to go to hospital to find the truth. Everyoneleaves. The nurse at the hospital refuse to give patient’s confidential report. Harley says she needs to have a check up herself and says she has an appointment with Dr. Poonam. The doctor checks her and says she is mot pregnant and not to worry. Harleen says that her sister in law Meherreferred her. The doctor immediately recognize the name and ask if she is Sarabjit Gill’s sister. Harleen says yes and lies that Meher has misplaced her medical file and request the doctor to make a copy. The doctor takes a print. Harleen prays it to be a printing mistake.

Meher comes to the room saying they are late by 10 mins and Param has a dance performance today. She hurriedly gets Param ready with the help of Sarab. The doctor gives Meher’s medical report to Harleen. Harleen asks doctor if the date in the report is correct. Doctor confirms as she is the one handling Meher’s case from beginning. She is in her third month and due date around june. Harleen is shocked thinking it means the baby is not Sarab’s. Doctor sees her going pale and gives her a glass of water. Harleen talks to herself that its not correct and throws the glass. She then realise her mistake and says sorry to doctor and leaves all the while thinking how she praised Meher for being in Sarab’s life.

Param asks for pocket money and Meher says no he is still small and he don’t have any need to buy from canteen as he takes tiffin from home. They leave for school. Yuvi asks for pocket money and Kulwant given him 500rs. Yuvi says its not enough and asks for more. Kulwamt gives one more 500 and ask him to enjoy. Rana asks when they were in school she used to give only 5 rs to them. Kulwant tell h they were the kids of a poor widow but Yuvi is the grandson of attarikisarpanch and Punjab bank PR manager Kulwant Kaur.

Harleen comes home shouting Sarab and Meher’sname. Servant tells her they have gone to school to drop Param. Meher and Sarab drops Param in school and sees Yuvi doing dadagiri by making a boy carry his school bag. Mehertell him its not right and ask him to carry his own bag. Harleen calls Sarab and ask him to come home right now inspite of telling her that he has meeting. Sarab tell Meher that Harleen sounded upset and angry. Meher tell him not to worry, Harley loves her and upon seeing her she will smile.

Meher and Sarab reach home and sees Harleen standing in their room. Meher asks if she is okay. Harleen slaps her. She raise her hand one more time but Sarab stop her asking what happened. Harleen shouts that she killed her trust and love. She shout that Meher is carrying someone else baby. She angrily tell him she is disgusted to even see her face. She breaks down and tells sorry to Sarab for getting him married to a characterless woman. Sarab asks how does she know this. Harleen shows him the file and says Meher is 3 months pregnant but they have been married for only 2 months. She tells Meher she has betrayed her by lying. Sarab tells Harleen that Meher neither lied or hid the truth. She had confessed the truth to him on the night of their wedding.

Harleen is shocked that he knew it all along. Sarab asks her not to tell this to anyone. Harleen says he wants to be a God and Saint he can but she has no interest. She cries saying that it is good their parents are no more else they would have died now in shame. Mehercries all the while in silence. Harleen try to leave but Sarab hold her hand and says the baby is as much as his as that of Meher and he has already given his name to it. He tell her he will carry his duty as its father as well. Harleen runs away crying. Meher sits down and cries.

Precap – Harleen tells Meher she can forgive her on a condition that she abort this baby and give her 10 days time. If not she should leave Sarab.