Choti Sarrdaarni 18th January 2020 Written Update: Param goes for picnic

Today’s episode begins with Sarab and Harleenasking Meher why did she agree to this knowing fully well about Param. Harleen worries Param might over exert himself. Meher tells them doctor has also said his happiness is important. She wanted to keep him in a positive state of mind. She further tells them she has an idea and knows just were to go. Amrita and Jeeto helps Kulwantin scratching her body and they wonder how come bathing in neem water made her in this condition. Meher and Sarab reach Kulwant’s house and Sarab asks why are they here. Meher tells him thatfor Param she can go to any extent. She is haunted by memories of swearing to Amrita she will never set foot in this house. Tearfully she steps in. Sarab thinks that he does not know the reason for her not going to her maike but now realise that for Param she will go to any extent.

Yuvi is happy to see Meher and Everyone is shocked that Meher has come home. They welcome her happily. Amrita tells them Kulwant is suffering from itching after bathing from neemleaves. Meher says its due to bitchuleaves. They all look at Yuvi and says everytime something goes wrong, they blame him and he don’t even know what bitchu leaves is. Meher tells Jeeto to bring coconut oil and apply it on Kulwant. Jeetoleaves. Jagga asks her why they both look worried. Meher tells them about Param’s condition and request Jagga and Amrita to tell Yuvi to watch over Param in picnic tomorrow. She is worried about him running around and over exerting. Jagga says they definitely will. She tells them his surgery is next week and they have not told him. Kulwant is sad and prays. Everyone is shocked and sad hearing it.

Sarab cries over sleeping Param hugging him. Amrita instruct Yuvi not to eat outside food or let Param eat it. She asks him to take care of Paramwell. Yuvi acts by limping and tells Rana that Meher bua had told him not to let Paramrun. Since he is hurt Param will be by his side and they both will enjoy picnic without any running. Amrita smiles but later scold him to act properly as sometimes he is holding right leg and sometimes left. She asks him to sit so she can bandage one leg so it will remind him which leg to limp. Jeeto says its out of fashion and she will tie him a matchingcolor elasticbandage. Kulwant says is he going for fashion show. Rana gives an idea that he will beat Yuvi with Cane so he will limp for real. Kulwant scolds him and tells that we will wrap a plaster in Yuvi’s leg so Param will know he is hurt. She asks Amrita to call doctor. Amrita does so.

Meher asks Sarabto call doctor as Param has fever. Harleen and Sarab rush inside and he calls doctor. Param starts crying that he wants to go to picnic. The doctor asks if fever is mild. Param continues to cry. Meher tells Sarab they both should go with him and Harleen tells them if they did other kids will also want their parents and besides the school will make it a big issue. Param continues to cry and tell Meher she promised.  Meher says he will go for picnic. Harleen looks on worried.

Yuvitells the other kids that he kicked a car and it flew but he hurt his leg that’s why its plastered. Param comes and asks him what happened. He tells Param he broke his leg so he has to take care of him. Param says even he is sick. Yuvi tells him that they both will take care of eachother. Param asks for window seat in bus and Yuvi gives his place and also covers Param with blanket. He tells Param to close window as his leg will hurt due to blowing wind. Teacher informs them to make their picnic special 3 clowns are joining them. Sarab, Meher and Harleen disguises themselves as clowns and enter the bus entertaining them. Once they reach picnic spot, Yuvi pretend to limp seeing Param who rushes to help him.

Precap- Sarab and Meher search for Param and first him lying unconscious.