Choti Sarrdaarni 18th October 2019 Written Update: Bittu fights with Kulwant

Today’s episode starts with Meher walking down the lane thinking about all that happened. Kulwant asks Rana to check where Bittu is. Jeeto’s parents come in and says he is with Jeeto to break Karva Chauth fast. They both wish Amrita and Jagga and tells Kulwant it’s a very auspicious day and they came to finalize the date for bittu and Jeeto wedding. Jeeto’s father says he even bought a small shagun. Kulwant gets angry seeing a vessel box.

Preeti tells Sarab that she doesn’t know whether Meher did is right or wrong but she has left home so late at night alone. Pls call and check if she is okay. Sarab takes his phone but instead says if Meher left home at this time she would know where she to go. Preeti leaves while Param sadly looks on.

Jeeto’s mother slaps Jeeto shocking Bittu. She says they don’t have the status to even talk to him. Bittu asks what happened Jeeto’s mother says Kulwant has insulted them in front of the entire pind and broke the alliance. Bittu gets shocked and Jeeto cries holding Bittu. Jeeto’s mother throws him out and locks the door.

Meher walks on a lonely street when two guys in the bike tease and follow her. She sees a big stick on the floor. She takes it and breaks into half. They run away scared.

Bittu knocks the door and asks Jeeto parents to tell the entire thing. Jeeto’s father opens the door and tearfully tells him how Kulwant insulted them. A flashback shows Kulwant throwing away the gift and tells them she doesn’t want a girl who roams with a guy before marriage and makes kissing faces with him in photos. She further insults Jeeto’s character and her parents. Jeeto parents get shattered. Jeeto’s father holds Kulwant’s leg and not to ruin their daughter’s life. Kulwant acts cruel and sends them out.

Meher waits at the bus stop alone and a taxi driver asks her if he could help her. She requests him to find a place where she can stay the night. The driver takes pity on her and says he will take her to a safe place.

Saraband everyone has dinner and Param says he misses Meher. He brings a teddy and car and places it on the dining table. It reminds Sarab of the cheque he left there. He asks if Preeti has seen the blank cheque she says no. He rushes to his room and checks the CCTV footage and sees Meher taking the cheque from the table in the dark. Dolly says even while leaving she has done one more. She asks Sarab to call the bank and stop payment. He says he was the one who gave and there is no point in talking about it now.

Param comes and again says he misses Meher mama. Dolly makes Rovi show him the CCTV footage and says your Meher mama is a thief. She says she will get Sarab married to Pam. Sarab says Param doesn’t need a mother he is enough. Param says he will ask God why he gave him such a bad mother.

Bittu angrily drives home. Amrita opens the door and finds Bittu yelling for his mother to come out. He calls her by name. Amrita asks him if he is drunk and to stay quiet. Kulwant comes. Bittu shouts at her that Jeeto is his life and how dare she break the alliance. Kulwant tries to slap him but he holds her hand. He says he is not Meher. Others try to calm him down but he doesn’t. He declares he will only marry Jeeto come what may and leaves. Amrita asks Kulwant to stop him. Kulwant says he can roam wherever he wants but he has to come back here. She has he doesn’t have the aukat to earn money. She says she will get him married to Pinky and even knows how to do it.

The taxi driver drops Meher at an orphanage. Meher asks him if it’s safe. He says not to worry and calls the lady in-charge. He tells her that Meher is facing some problems at home and to let her stay. She agrees and takes her to the room where a roomful of children are sleeping.

Precap: Sarab and Param distribute gifts to the same orphanage and kids give rose to Param. His fingers get hurt in thorn and Meher holds him and says she will help.