Choti Sarrdaarni 20th December 2019 Written Update: Harleen taunts Meher at every turn

Today’s episode begins with Meher thinking about Harleen’s words and moments spent with Sarab and Param.

Harleen had told her not to discuss with Sarab.Meher hopes Harleen feelings change with this 10 days.

Kulwant comes and calls out Sarab and Meher name.Sarab asks her how come she is here at this time.Kulwant says her daughter is in trouble hence she didn’t see time.She shows a fake medical report and says she got the correct report made from her doctor,and tells him how Harleen came to her house with Meher medical report and accused her.Sarab wonders why Harleen went there and now poor Kulwant has made a fake one for her Daughter.

Sarab tears the report and tells Kulwant he don’t need any report to prove that is his baby in Meher’s tummy.Even if someone tells otherwise he wont believe.

Sarab goes to Harleen and asks why did she go to Kulwant house as he already told her not to discuss this with anyone else.She gets angry with him and says the baby is not his blood and he already gave it his name.

Sarab reason with her that even Param is not Meher’s biological son but still she loves him more than I love him.Harleen refuse to listen to him but points out in frustration that now this baby will also get a share of all property.

Sarab says its his right and definitely will.He is stunned how could she even think like that.He leaves saying he only came to request her.
Meher checks her BP and servant gives her breakfast sent by Harleen.

Meher thinks about how Harleen and Sarab pampered her what to eat for breakfast before.She opens the note which says 9 days to go.Sarab sees the note and ask what 9 days.Meher lies it’s a reminder for her appointment to gynecologist.

Sarab asks her to finish her breakfast and he will take her out.Meher goes to make aloo paratha for Sarab saying she too feel like eating it.Kitchen staff don’t allow her to do any work as per Harleen instructions that she should take rest.

Meher thinks its not her cooncern but her stubborness to keep her away from this home and other work.She insist on making food for Sarab while staff fear their job.Meher request Harleen not to behave this way else Sarab will find out something is wrong.

Seeing Sarab Harleen pretends to be sweet to Meher asking her to make parathas for her too.In private she once again remind her that if she don’t abort,then pack her bags and leave the house on her own.

At school,Yuvi cheats in exams copying answer from mobile and gets caught when it rings.Teacher sends him out asking him to bring parents tomorrow.Yuvi answers her back that he is Kulwant Kaur’s grandson and not scared of anyone.He leaves in dada style.

Param comes home feeling happy.Harleen asks him what is the matter and he shows his report card saying he got A+ in everything.Seeing Meher,Harleen taunt that ofcourse he will get good report,he is Gill after all and intelligence runs in their blood.Param says he only used to get B+ before but after Meher Mumma he got A+.

Harleen ask Param did Meher also taught him to lie other than teaching studies.Param looks confused but says his mom has taught him telling lies is bad.Harleen walks away.

Precap – Harleen scold Meher that she is so proud about her upbringing of Param but now he is restigated from school because of her.Sarab and Meher is shocked.