Choti Sarrdaarni 21st October 2019 Written Update: Meher is being followed by an unknown person

Today’s episode begins with Meher lying down in a room in the ashram and thinks about Param. Param too dreams about Meher in sleep and recollecting Dolly’s word that she is a thief and wakes up shouting Meher Mama. Sarab console him and make him sleep. The next day Meher tearfully talk to Param’s photo that she is neither a thief nor a bad mother. She have no idea what is happening.

Param calls Meher’s mobile from his landline saying its time for school and no one has cooked. Meher says she will come and meet him in school and bring his favorite stuff. She will also say she will do magic. Sarab and others listen to the conversation as it was on speaker. Sarab says you already did magic with my 25 crores. Stay away from my son. Meher says she will meet Param and he cant stop her. Sarab says you don’t have any relationship with us or this house anymore.

Bittu has lunch with jeeto’s parents and tell him he will marry only jeeto whether his mother agree or not. Jeeto says she will talk to kulwant and beg her to agree. Bittu says once my mother has decided something, talking to her about it is as equal to breaking your head in a wall. She will never agree.

People from ashram meets Sarab and thanks him for his double donation due to which they were able to buy laptop and tabs for kids. They asked him to be chief guest and distribute gifts to kids. He agrees and ask Param if he will come with him. Param smiles yes.

Meher sees kids in ashram having food except one. She asks why he isn’t eating and he says he hates tinde. It reminds Meher of Param. She smiles at the kid and tells eating tinde will give him super power. Ashram lady says she already won hearts of these kids and tells her a chief guest is coming in the evening to distribute laptop and tabs please teach a song to the kids. She agrees.

Sarab gets shocked seeing Meher in ashram. Param shows her little finger like Katti. Some guy watches over them from afar. Sarab distribute gifts and a kid gives rose to Param. His finger gets hurt from thorn and he goes to Meher. Then suddenly he realized and moves away saying she is a bad mother. He feet trips in the wire and a big table fan is about to fall on him. Meher shields him while Sarab stops the fan from falling on time. He takes Param away from her and tells her to stay away.

Ashram lady request him to say few words to kids. Sarab agrees and says to kids to never lie. As a relationship based on a lie has a small life span. Another important thing is not to steal. Even if you are falsely accused prove yourself innocent by getting proofs. He thanks them and leaves. He sees Meher talking on phone where she says why is the package getting delayed since she already gave cash. She said okay I will come to jewellers.

Meher goes to a jewellery shop and gets a big bag. She realised she was being followed. It was the same guy who kept an eye on her in ashram. Meher hides behind a car and the guy misses her.

She goes somewhere and collides with Sarab. She angrily tells him first he framed her for stealing and now sends someone to spy on her. Sarab says he is not following her but she is. In the entire Amritsar she only found that ashram. Has she already know he is going to come there. Meher gets irritated and tells him not to interfere with her after today and leaves.

Precap- Amrita tells Kulwant that Dolly said Meher stole money and she is going to get Sarab married to another girl. Kulwant says Meher will never steal and asks Sarab to listen to her. He says he won’t.