Choti Sarrdaarni 23rd January 2020 Written Update: Meher trapped in lift

Today’s episode begins with Meher trying to convince Sarab that Param has very less time and he is going far from us every minute. She request him to give the papers. Sarab denies angrily as his yes is putting 3 lives at risk. He dejectedly says why couldn’t he die. He asks Meher how can she put the innocent baby in her womb at risk. Meher holds his hands and promise that she will not let anything happen to the baby and that she will never leave Param and him. She takes the papers while Sarab is shattered. He asks what about his parents.

At that moment the entire family comes in and Meher leaves smiling at them, holding the papers close to her. The doctor checking Param inform nurse that they have to do surgery in half hour. Sarab tells Sanjana that he couldn’t say no to Meher and had to sign it as she was stubborn. He asks her if anything will happen to Param, baby or Meher.

WhenSanjana was about to reveal truth, Meher pleads from outside window holding hands. Sanjanalies. Sanjana tells Sarab that they have to give a medicine to Meher which is very essential for her and its rare, they just have one vile. Sarab tells her he will get it personally. She asks him to go to lab after ten minutes.

Amrita asks if Meher has lost her mind and cries asking her to think about baby and them. Kulwant and her family is devastated and agree that they all love Param but they love her and worry about her life. Meher is stubborn and asks them to pray. They all cry. Sarab cries looking at Param. Meher comes there and tearfully looks at Param. Sarab asks her to think again but Meher is sure. He leaves to bring medicine. One of the doctors tell Meher to go to six floor with Nurse to do some check ups and ready for operation. Nurse was called to check BP of a patient and Meher takes lift alone. The lift stops suddenly and Meher gets trapped inside. Sarab, nurse and doctor try to operate lift to bring medicine, someone tells him its not working and someone is trapped inside. Sarab tells them they should take stairs and hurry. Meher tries to call but no network coverage.

Meher shouts for help. Some doctors ask who is inside. Meher asks them to hurry as she feels suffocated. Sarab walks down stairs after looking at the lift uneasily. Harleen asks where Meher is and Sarab says he thought he was with them as he went to bring medicine.

Kulwant says someone is trapped inside lift and they had to take stairs. Sarab shouts Meherji and runs followed by others. Lift man comes and they all surround lift. Sarab climbs stairs fast and shouts to Meher that he will take her out. Meher calls out she can’t breathe. She faints while Sarab tries to open the door to no avail.

Someone tells that lift is stuck between 4the and 5the floor and wonders what happened as the lady stopped answering. Sanjana inform Sarab they have less time and cant hold Param any longer. Sarab looks on shocked.

Precap –Everyone manages to  open the lift and is shocked to see Meherunconscious. Sanjana says surgery can’t happen at this condition.