Choti Sarrdaarni 23rd October 2019 Written Update: Meher gets tensed for Jeeto

Today’s episode starts with a lady walking down the market place wearing a burkha. Sarab and others will have some ice cream on the roadside. Suddenly the lady trips and her bag falls down along with several gold coins from inside the bag. She bends down to retrieve them fast and her veil falls revealing the face of Meher. Everyone gets shocked and Param says, Meher Mumma. Meher dint notices them and hastily leaves. Sarab tells his sister to see how she has seen it. She gets shocked and says everything is happening in front of you why aren’t you saying something.

Jagga comes to meet Meher in her ashram along with Amrita and Yuvi. Meher asks him why he brought Yuvi and bhabhi in such bad weather. Amrita says Kulwant has sent them and Yuvi says he dint want to come but dadi gave Rs 500 . Meher gets tensed and recollects the time when Manav was murdered Amrita told Meher she went to her Maike as Kulwant told her to visit. Meher then says then no one is at home except Mummyji and Rana.

Jeeto’s mom calls Kulwant and thanks to her. Kulwant says she has been waiting for Jeeto. Her mother says Bittu is picking her up they both are leaving now. Kulwant then talks to her husband’s photo that she has done so much for the family and its happiness but her kids don’t care about her then why she should care about them. Rana scarily sees everything from behind a wall and worries if she is going to kill Jeeto the same way as Manav. Bittu keeps a pistol beneath his shirt.

Meher gets tensed and says when Manav was murdered Mummyji has sent three of you to Bhabhi’s maike. They recollect it with shock. Meher sends them home hurriedly. While Bittu picks Jeeto.Meher and Amrita try calling Bittu many times but he didn’t pick up as he was riding a bike. Meher gets worried that Mummyji is going to kill Jeeto the same way as Manav and prays to God.

Meher calls Amrita and tells her No one is picking the phone even Rana. She even called a landline. Amrita says she has been doing the same. They are stuck in traffic. Meher says she too is coming home and hails a cab. Rana gets tensed thinking Kulwant is going to murder Jeeto. Kulwant stands outside in the portico thinking about Bittu blackmailing her and a car arrives revealing Romi. Kulwant and Rana get shocked by seeing him there. Romi hurriedly calls him inside earning a stare from Kulwant. Jagga asks Amrita to leave a WhatsApp message to Rana. Rana calls back and Amrita asks if Bittu and Jeeto arrived. He says not yet and tells them that Romi has come home. Jagga says stall Romi until they reach home.

Romi tells Kulwant that he has come to help her. He says Sarab and Meher’s relationship is 99.9% done for but they still have a 0.01% chance. He says like Kulwant he too doesn’t believe Meher has stolen the money. He asks her to hire a detective to find out the real culprit before Sarab does. Romi hurriedly interferes with them and asks if Romi would like to drink some tea or cool drinks. Kulwant takes Rana alone and slaps him. She tells him to chase Romi fast. Romi places a hidden camera behind a statue in the hall and says now the real thief will get caught.He sits back in the seat hurriedly.Romi comes back and ask Romi to stay back for dinner and Romi asks what is the red mark in his cheek.Kulwant says its there since birth and tells him that she has already hired 2 detectives for the job and he can leave since they both are going outside.Romi leaves.Kulwant sits in her chair and waits.

Jagga tells Meher to go back to ashram as there is heavy traffic even they are stuck for a long time.Amrita tells her that they had asked Rana to hold Romi until they come home.Meher asks the cab driver to go back tearfully.Romi watches the footage of Kulwant living room and sees Kulwant drinking.She keeps the glass in front of the statue and Romi’s view gets blocked.

Sarab’s assistant keeps a whiteboard and says their first suspect is Kulwant Kaur who has a couple of factories outside the city and several properties. Next is Jagga who recently bought luxurious cars and trucks. Another is Bittu who withdrew 2 lakhs from his ATM this morning. Finally, he writes Meher’s name. Sarab goes near the board and says he knows Meher’s activities from buying gifts to distributing money. Sarab’s family listens astonished. Sarab says there is a mastermind behind them and they have to find who. He gets a message,he gets excited and says the blank cheque which Meher has stolen from the dining table got deposited and tomorrow either Meher will go to the bank to withdraw it or the person behind this. Either way, we will find the thief.

Jeeto arrives and goes to Kulwant to take her blessings. Rana stands nervously behind Kulwant. Bittu keeps his pistol ready when Jeeto bends over to touch Kulwant’s feet and Kulwant takes her right hand behind her in the chair. Episode ends.

Precap: Bittu cries and Amrita and Jagga see the pistol on the floor and knocks the door of Kulwant. Rana says Jeeto came and starts to say Mummyji has and cries.