Choti Sarrdaarni 29th November 2019 Written Update: Sarab is arrested by the Serbia Police for murdering Meher

Today’s episode begins with Some masked men holding Meher at gun point.Meher drops the phone down.One of the men calls Robby.He instruct him to kill Meher after 5 hours as Sarab’s mail mention Meher died at 5’o clock.He asks him to make it look like accident.Jolly tries calling Sarab’s mobile worried.Police comes there asking for Sarab.Jolly tells them he is trying to call him.Sarab arrives and asks what happened.They arrest him for killing his wife Meher.Param cries and asks if he has killed Meher mumma.Sarab dint answer as he had promised Meher he would never disclose her new identity to anyone.Jolly asks where is Meher and he knows he wouldn’t kill her but to tell where she is.Police drags him away.

Thugs take Meher to a different room.She kicks them and one of the guy is about to hit her abdomen with a hockey bat.She begs them not to hurt her and she will do as they say.They keep her locked in a room.Police interrogates Sarab and he keeps quiet throughout.He request to see his son once.Higher official gives one hour time to the investigating officer to make Sarab confess and warn him not to leave any marks on his body.The Investigating officer instruct to lower the temperature to freezing point and he will soon be out of breath.They remove his jacket and lowers the temperature in minus degrees.

Param keeps screaming to see his father.Pam gets irritated and take him upstairs to his room.She screams at him to keep quiet and warns him not to utter one more word and leaves.Meher and Param cries thinking about each other.Sarab freezes inside the interrogating room.Dolly calls Jolly and asks what happened.Jolly assures her he has arranged a best lawyer for Sarab.Dolly says Meher would have run away with someone and Sarab is quiet due to embarrassment.She tells him she is using political pressure to bring Sarab to India.She instruct Jolly to send Param to India with Pam.Pam packs her bags and tells Jolly she cant stay in this mad house minute.She insults Dolly calling her an old woman and asks why the hell should she do as she says.She leaves angrily.Jolly ask her not to worry.Dolly ask Robby to instruct the guards not to let any of Kulwant family inside.While Alin tries to take help from ministers.

Amrita asks them what happened.Bittu blames Jagga for bringing them back else he would have killed the entire family.Jagga says he knows for sure Sarab would not have done anything.He does not look like a murderer.Bittu tells even their mother does not look like a murderer but dint she kill Manav.He yells at Kulwant for making Meher marry Sarab for her own greed to become president.Kulwant shouts at him and tell Jagga to arrange for a best lawyer and she will make sure Sarab will suffer.She will show the entire world the real face of Sarabjit Gill.

Sarab remains in the freezing room.His lawyer comes and talks to him.Meher hears a breaking news from TV that Sarabjit Gill has been arrested in Serbia for killing his wife Meher.The reporter says Sarab has remained silent so far and refuse to answer about what he did to his wife and where her dead body is.Meher remembers his promise and cries.Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab has been brought down to India in police custody.Param waits for him at the airport crying.One of the angry protestors from the crown throws black ink on Sarab’s face.Sarab tries to talk to Param but police drags him away.