Choti Sarrdaarni 30th January 2020 Written Update: Hospital inauguration and name revelations.

Today’s episode begins with Meher saying they will give matching kiss to Param. They both bend down to kiss Param but Param runs away. They both get close and share an eyelock. They move away embarrassed. Meher asks Sarab how she is looking and he starts laughing. She asks if she looks bad or like a joker. He laughs continuously then tells her she looks not bad.

Meher gets irritated and says he is looking so-so. they start their nok-jhok, He says sorry but Meher is annoyed and goes inside washroom. Sarab knocks her door saying sorry. Param asks if he made her angry and sits sadly. Sarab takes the red rose from Param’s pocket. Meher sits sulking in front of mirror. He goes to her and places the rose in her hair. They both look at eachother in mirror. Sarab asks how he is looking. Meher looks confused and says Harleen.

Sarab looks up and sees Harleen coming inside their room. Harleen tells Meher that Sarab has to leave with Tharkha for important work. So she asks her if she, Param and herself can go in one car. Harleen compliment her that she is looking gorgeous. Meher excuses herself to come back. Sarab tells Harleen, he wishes their love remains same. Harleen says she is so happy. Sarab says after inauguration she will be even more happy. She says she knows for sure.

At the inauguration function Patak arrives and speaks praising. Harleen says they are thinking to give party ticket to him this time. Kulwant is annoyed and tells Jagga she have to win this election. Jagga asks her to attend function.

Sarab speaks about his father’s dream of how an hospital should be like a house where a person should not feel he is ill but comfortable. They have built this hospital to fulfill is wish and it gives the feel of home. He gives the entire credit to Harleen who smiles happily. He asks her to cut the ribbon.

Everyone come in. Sarab calls Harleen to lift the curtain and reveal the statue and name of the hospital. Dolly asks her to go. Patak says he is sure it will be her statue and wishes for everyone to have a brother like Sarab. Harleen lifts the curtain to see a statue of Meher hugging Param.

Kulwant family is happy while Harleen is shocked but pretend to smile for Sarab. Meher looks shocked as well. Param is happy and excites. He says hospital name is Choti Sarrdaarni Children’s hospital.

Press asks who is Choti Sarrdaarni, Sarab smiles at Harleen and says my wife Meher Kaur Tillo. Both Harleen and Meher is shocked. Sarab praises her courage, qualities and says she is truly a Sarrdaarni. Kulwant says wonderful her daughter is choti Sarrdaarni and she is badi Sarrdaarni.

Dolly, Robby and Harleen look upset. Press asks Sarab to pose with Meher and asks Harleen to move a bit. Press further asks them to explain the term and its significance. He says its just not a name of book. If not for Meher his home would have broken.

Precap –Sarab asks Harleen to make Meher wear the choti Sarrdaarni chain.