Choti Sarrdaarni 31st January 2020 Written Update: Meher is given Chotti Sarrdaarni necklace and title.

Today’s episode begins with Sarab listing all good qualities of Meher through video clippings.  He compares her to God’s child.  He pick up Param and says if Param is hail and healthy its all because of her who risked her life in this condition to save him.  Everyoneclaps.  Harleen looks upset.  He praise her and says for him and his family she is God.

 She had done so much for her family.  Sarab asks Harleen how she liked his surprise.  She fakes a smile.  He says having seen her love and care for Meher,  he is sure she will be the happiest person.  Sarab asks Harleen to make her wear the ChotiSarrdaarninecklace.

 Harleen does it with heavy heart.  Param declares his super Mehermumma as chotiSarrdaarni.  Pataksays he feels weird and every quality Sarab mentioned she herself deserves the title chotisarrdaarni.  Kulwant scold Ranaindirectly saying choti Sarrdaarni title is given to daughter in law of Gill kandan not to daughters.  She says butter is nice when layed upon bread not on humans.  Dolly says she was so wrong about Sarab.  He is not going to take any decision without consulting Meher.

 Robby asks does that mean he will consult Meher for all business and party matters.  Dolly says 100 percent he will.  Harleen gets annoyed.  She says Choti Sarrdaarni is just a tag.  She promise Patak that he will get the party ticket for sure and walk off.  Kulwant and Patakput each other down.  Kulwant says he is not going to get ticket by buttering up Harleen.  She challenge to see whose side Sarab will listen to,  Harleen or Meher.  

Sarab gives a tour of the hospitalto everyone and opens the medicine room to find it empty.  Tharkha says the company with whom they signed tender has backed out.  Patak says his brother in law owns a very big pharmacy and chuck  tender,  he will fill the rooms with medicines tomorrow itself.  

Harleen says good and says deal confirmed.  She asks Tharkha to finalize and get the medicines as she want hospital to function from tomorrow.  Meher tells Sarab politely that since its medicines they should have a background check of the company before giving the deal.  Sarab says Meher is right when Harleen says its Patak brother-in-laws.  He asks Patak to apply for tender and he will check.  Meher tries to apologize to Harleen but Harleen pretend to be okay with her decision.  

Patak thinks Meher will be a problem for his growth and decides to do something.  Dolly says as the delivery date is nearing their love seems to be growing and wonders what will happen once the baby is delivered.  Robby asks Harleen not to worry as Meher only got the hospital name not the responsibility.

 Patak tells Kulwant that she is the real sherni and request her to get the medicines deal.  Kulwant agrees on a condition that he will tell what Kulwant says to Harleen.  He agrees to do so after deal is finalized.  Kulwant tells Sarab that she knows Patak for so many years and he is honest man.  She asks him to give the deal to him if he considers her as his mummyji.  

Sarab politely tells her that its medicines and so many lives depend on it,  that’s the reason he had said no to Harleen and now saying no to her.  Meher smiles while Harleen is angry.  

Precap –Sarab does foot massage for Meher.